Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just enjoying home...

A brief update to say Annabel is getting back to herself. yippee! On Monday she finished the weaning process of the Ativan for withdrawals and we are so happy.

She returned to school yesterday for 2 hours and will go longer today. She will also attend speech and PT therapy this afternoon and do what she can.

She was tested last week for blood and urine cultures. The blood grew nothing (very thankful) and the urine grew Klebsiella. This was the bug that was in her blood when she was in ICU. She is now on Gentamycin IV's at home.

Overall, I am feeling like Annabel is getting back to herself. So full of smiles and joy! It is so hard to believe that just a few weeks ago that she wasn't expected to pull through. With each smile and sweet noises she makes, I thank Jesus that He has granted us more time with Bella and we are beyond grateful.