Saturday, December 4, 2010

Family..Best Medicine Ever

Tonight as I sit in Annabel's hospital room with color twinkling lights, listening to Christmas music, smelling my new Christmas Sentsy Candle I am so thankful for my family...
Today was a day that I didn't sit and dwell on medical issue, fighting for everything Annabel needs, or thinking about tomorrows and the what ifs....
Today was a day spent with family. It was also a better day for Annabel. She thrives off the attention and interaction with her brothers and sisters. Today Tara and Colette stayed with her while Carly and I ran to Target. Our goal was to bring so Christmas to this hospital room. We brought decorations to hang from the ceiling, Christmas clings to put on the glass in the room, twinkling colored light for Annabel to look at, a Christmas stocking for Annabel, a welcome mat for all who enter her room, Christmas CD's and Christmas DVD for Annabel to watch. We probably made too much noise today in her hospital room but we had so much fun. Tyler had his drill in Houston this weekend nearby and was able to come spend the day with Annabel also. Derek and Mel took in the Rice vs. Lamar basketball game and then came by to visit. Thursday was Tyler's birthday and since we were not home to celebrate we decided to go across the street from the hospital for dinner. Thank you to Tanya who drove over from her parents home to watch Annabel. It was so nice and just what I needed to be able to be with my family at this time. As we came back into the hospital lobby, a familiar face got up to approach Mel and I. We realize we had not seem him in many years and he had taught a few of our children when they were younger. He looked at our large family and he said are these all your children, I smile and replied yes they are! No mother could have been prouder...
When I began this journey with Annabel, we thought it would be so brief, days , weeks maybe a month or two! I brought her into our home willing to do this all on my own, meaning care for her. I didn't want them to become too close to her, didn't want things to disrupt their lives by me not being there for them, basically didn't want them to get hurt. None of us imagined her sweet life would have been so long! None of us thought we could have fallen so in love with someone so little. Annabel continues to have this amazing hold on all of us that make us come together even more. She is truly the glue that bind us together.
As we enter this Christmas season, I feel so thankful to everyone who continues to pray for Annabel. I truly think of everyone lifting her up to Jesus and praying for her. It is so comforting to know that when I am lazy, tired or just plain forget that all of you continue to do so..


Annie said...

Cathy, I love, love, love your family. Your kids are the greatest and they will be the best of parents one day. Annabel has given you all so much.

My kids were great with Annie too. They made so many sacrifices, without being asked. Sometimes, it isn't in the cards and sometimes, you just live in the wrong country.

It brings me so much joy to see your kids loving Annabel as they do.


connie said...

What a beautiful update. I know that your family being with you is also powerful medicine for YOU. I felt that way, too, when I was out there with mallorie. You have wonderful kids and a great husband to hold off on the birthday celebration to allow you to be part. I love thinking of the welcome mat. And the Christmas candle. Just as the scent of the Christmas candle is filling the room, may the scent of Christ who lives in you permeate that room so that everyone who enters realises there is something special in there. A mom who celebrates the life of a child who is a gift, and who, even if she never speaks a word, tells everyone who meets you that she was created by a very smart God who never makes one mistake.

Janet said...

As Connie said~"A mom who celebrates the life of a child who is a gift, and who, even if she never speaks a word, tells everyone who meets you that she was created by a very smart God who never makes one mistake."


Love you all and so glad you got to spend some "down time" today. Sometimes even just a few minutes here and there can mean the difference between a few more hospital admissions (you know, for all the people who are getting on our last nerve???), and being able to make it through another day without seriously hurtin' somebody:)

I can just picture the pride on your face when asked about your kids.
You, your story, should be a movie...a Hallmark movie:):)

Colleen said...

I'm sorry to hear that Annabel has been in the hospital. What a special day to bring family and decorations up to there. I hope she gets better real soon!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you, I know Annabel always has the best of care. It is great to know her mother also had a day of healing. God Bless your beautiful family.


Anonymous said...


I am happy to see the pictures of Annabel looking like she is feeling better. I can understand why she feels better, though, she has such a wonderful family! I can imagine what her room must look like now. I love the little pink tree.

Good luck to you and I hope that, at the very least, Annabel can get transferred to your home hospital in time for Christmas, at the best that she can be in your home for the holidays. I continue to pray for her.

Holly & Morgan

Kathy said...

Great post, Cathy. It's our honor to "have your back" when you are too tired to pray. You make us proud to be women and mothers!

Annabel is a gift and your description brings to mind the verse "...more than we can ask or imagine". You and your beautiful family are such an example of opening your heart and home and how God blesses when we do!!!

Prayers always. Love you girls!!!