Thursday, December 2, 2010

Annabel's Kindergarten Class...

I told Annabel to smile to her class in this picture and she did. She misses everyone and loves Regina Howell!
Hi Mrs. Eaves! I wanted to say thank you for writing to myself and Annabel. Please tell the class how much Annabel likes coming to visit the class and that she cannot wait to return. Also, please tell them how much we appreciate how sweet they are to her each time she visit. Thank you for following her blog and for all the prayers sent up on her behalf. Praying that your class will have a wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas!

Thank you to all who visited me these last few days and many who have offered. Kenzie came by to see Annabel and came bearing gifts for Annabel and myself and we had a good visit.
Also last night Loma and Lanny came from Beaumont and also, Dr. Pam and Stacy. Thank you all for taking your time to come see her. Also for the offers for dinner and for bring me dinner!
To Michele who I failed to get a picture with who brought me 3 meals and many extra goodies.
Also to Nick who came to see Annabel and brought her a precious teddy bear. Thank you and didn't get a picture with you with Annabel.
All the visits lift my spirit and make Annabel smile. Also all the comments on the blog, facebook, email, text,and calls are priceless. What a wonderful praying world we live in and so many people all over the world that pray for her! I have a feeling tomorrow will be a good day for Bella!

P.S. The first 3 pictures are from yesterday when Annabel was having a good day. Today was tough as were the other days before. But we are so thankful for anyday especially when she smiles!


Michelle said...

Praying for your sweet girl and all of the decisions made for her!

lost--for--words said...

I think of Annabel often... Definately hoping that she'll get out of that hospital soon. Lots of love to her (and you too!)