Saturday, April 18, 2009

More relaxed...

At this point everyone seems more relaxed. They are even asking me what I think and how I think she is responding. I did get some sleep right next to sweet Annabel. Even though I didn't get my sweet smile, she did hold my hand throughout the night. Yesterday, she would hold it briefly then toss it aside like she didn't want anything to touch her.
Pedi Surgery came in first and they said they are not as concern that surgery is eminent. The felt her belly and said that if it gets firm again we will have to reevaluate.
Pulmonary was next and he seemed so please that we are probably only dealing with C-diff. He says it is treatable and that hopefully we will see her getting better in the new few days. He said her antibiotic can be given via G-tube so we do not have to stay full 14 days.
More x-rays after him to see how she looks this morning. Then lab came by to draw blood for levels.
The Head Surgeon came by to talk about what would need to happen. She will need surgery. They are not sure it will happen at this stay. They say that she has a very large loopy, lazy area of her bowel/colon (can't remember, is it the same thing?) that will need to be removed and resected. Yuck! It is probably not the surgery that scared me it is just the putting to sleep and waking up that I freak out about. One thing that she really needs is something to alleviate this cathing business. We had just seen her urologist the day we admitted her and he clear her for that surgery. The one he mentioned didn't require an incision but she would need anesthesia. I did ask the surgeon if the urinary/and the loopy bowel could be done together and he said not a good idea. I was just hoping one less time to put her to sleep. They are all saying that the surgery could still need to take place while here but it not any minute.
What she needs to do is wake up and respond to us. That is my prayer. She does seem to try to focus when she opens her eyes but they just roll back into her head and she is asleep again. I think her little body is so exhausted and the runny diapers still continue at a high frequency. To me at this point she seems a little more comfortable. We were able to have her sleep with her C-PAP after around 1 a.m. because her sats were dropping and she seemed relieved to have it on. We just took it off this morning and they are not dipping low now. They are fairly sure that when she is well she will become more stable on the CPAP. They say that is not an option but we want to lessen her need for oxygen.
Will keep you posted today especially if things change. I feel that she has down declined since last night and that is what we were specifically praying for. It will just take time for the antibiotic to help with her belly and diarrhea.
The top phot is of yesterday when she wanted to cover her eyes and everything go away. This one here at the bottom seems to be a more peaceful Annabel. I am hoping that later today maybe some eyes open with a little smile.

This quote was sent to Annabel a few days ago by Lauren. Annabel's biggest gift has been her beautiful smile, so this quote by Mother Teresa was close to my heart.

"Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing" - Mother Teresa


Laurie in Ca. said...

She does look peaceful in the last picture. Hopefully plenty of good rest for her will give the antibiotics a chance to really get the job done. I am praying constantly Cathy, for Annabel and for you. I love you girl.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Anonymous said...

We are all so glad that Annabel's pain seems to have lessened. I just picture her holding your hand through the night - what a beautiful picture of your love for each other. So sad that surgeries are in the picture, but glad that this virus is able to be dealt with! We love you - praying for a GREAT day of HEALING!!!!!!!
Love, Lisa

Kathy said...

Poor little thing (and mom!) must be so very exhausted! Rest, rest and more rest while the antibiotics do their work.

Thanks so much for the update and the pictures. Annabel does look more peaceful. Thank God!

Love you two!

my3sons said...

Thank you for updating us. I have been thinking and praying for all of you. She looks so peaceful in the last picture. Thank goodness:) I hope you both can get some rest today. I'm sure mom is very tired by now! Katie

Kelly said...

i'm glad that annabel seems to be in less pain, and that the doctors finally seem to have a direction to move in. akaiya and i will continue to keep you guys in our thoughts. give the princess some hugs for us.

Michelle said...

Cathy, I had never heard of T-18 before I found the world of blogs... these babies stories captivate me. My heart is so heavy for all the moms. I am glad Annabel is a little better this morning and I am praying for more comfort today. I would be absolutely delighted to meet Annabel whenever is a good time! Much love, Michelle

Gripping Mercy and Grace said...

Oh sweet girl I know you must be so emotionally and physically tired and your updates are so appreciated! I am still praying you will get your smile! It is good to see she is resting and not in pain. Take advantage of this time too and rest your eyes and heart! Still holding you up in prayers! Love you!!! Tam

Anonymous said...

So thankful to hear that things are seeming to get better for her. Checking in frequently to "hear" your words and know how to pray. Take care my friend. I know you must be exhausted. Trish

The VW's said...

I can definitely see a difference in the two pictures! She looks a lot better in today's picture than yesterday's! This is wonderful to see and hear! I have been so worried about you both and praying often!

I'm sorry to hear that she may need 2 surgeries instead of 1, but it sounds like she is in great hands. You are a terrific Mommy to her and the doctors sound well informed and caring. Keep up the great job Momma and thanks for updating us! Remember to have them keep your precious girl hydrated!

Prayers and Hugs sent out for you!