Friday, April 17, 2009

Mommy's busted...

Well I guess I was wrong, we are still in PCU but in a private room. She is considered in contact isolation until they find out about her stools and what the virus is. So I began using my cell phone because I was told just not in the PCU. I thought those pods we were in last week and this week with the nurses in the middle were the PCU, not the entire floor. So tonight after I had been on my phone way too much, a nurse kindly, but firmly said you are not allowed cell phones in the PCU. I said I know, I didn't use mine in the PCU. She said you are NOW! I replied, no, I am not in the PCU any longer. She informed me that this entire floor is the PCU and not allow anywhere but the family room. I think I got it now. So for all those that I told could use my cell now to reach me, I was totally wrong. The hospital room phone number is 832-826-7022.

Annabel did well for a good while until this afternoon maybe around 5:00. She became very much in pain and began having one dirty diaper after the other. Probably every ten minutes we were changing her and she has just recently slowed up. They have done more x-rays that show so much air in her belly. A surgeon just came by to feel her abdomen and see her condition. Earlier around 10:00 p.m. she began going down fairly quickly. Her lips were white and she was so pale. She would not have eye contact and just was sleeping almost all the time. We have seen Annabel go down very quickly and tonight when the nurse was in the room checking on her status it was obvious to all that something was going on. They are mainly talking bowel obstruction. But at this point in the last 30 minutes or so Annabel has pinked up a bit and is resting, not lethargic resting! I was able to pick her up, she has been hurting so much she would cringe when we tried to touch her. There were a few weak smiles but good signs.

I am about to crawl in the bed and hopefully have a peaceful night. They have the CPAP set between 7.7 and 8.2 and at this point no oxygen. I do know the hope is that Annabel is just sick with a pneumonia, some sort of virus that has put her oxygen levels at this point. They know she has the severe obstruction and that is not changing. It is the amount of desats she is having and her oxygen needs that have increased in just the last week. Praying for a day tomorrow without any news to report. Maybe just a few smiles from Annabel and enjoying hanging out in her room. I hope you all know how much your support and your comments via blog, phone, computer or whatever has been appreciated.


May said...

praying for annabel. I am aware of one case in Singapore where bowel obstruction was lethal for the t18 child. I pray something can be done about the stools soon. and hope the medication doesn't cause even more diarrhea. Cathy please take care.

my3sons said...

Still praying for sweet Annabel! I am amazed at how strong you are!! Katie

Laurie in Ca. said...

Praying hard for her here Cathy. It must be so scary to see her go down so fast and I am asking God to protect her and heal her body from this. Praying peace and rest for you too my sweet friend. Take care of yourself and rest when you can. I love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for the pain she is in and the exhaustion you must feel.


Aimee said...

Continuing to pray for Annabel. I am praying that you will get rest too. Please keep us posted...if you can. Love you.

The VW's said...

Poor sweet girl! I hate hearing about her suffering! I pray that she gets good rest and starts feeling better soon! Take care of yourself too Momma!

Have they checked to see if Annabel has C-Diff in her stools? You can get this after taking lots of antibiotics, which I know that she has. Gavin had this and became very dehydrated and had his stroke because of it. I'm not trying to scare you, but just warning you to make sure that they are checking for this and to make sure that they are keeping her hydrated and keeping her blood sugars up! I'll be praying!!!!!

Hilary said...

This is just so heart breaking! Oh Annbel keep fight honey! cathy stay strong Momma! Praying hard for everyone!!

Kathy said...

Very upset to hear that Annabel is having such a rough time! Poor baby! and poor Mama!

The info on VW's comment is important. Hope they check that out if they have not all ready done so.

So glad they have that IV in!
Praying, praying, praying!!!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you girls this morning. I hate it that she is in the hospital. I hate it for her and for you. I know how exhausting, how painful, how "not right" everything seems when you are there. I'm thankful that you have caring and compassionate people surrounding Annabel who are doing such a good job taking care of her. My heart broke over the IV situation. There is nothing I hate more about hospital life then the constant sticking of Ashley Kate. Just wanted you to know we love you girls and are praying for you this morning. Trish

Cathy said...

There are so many things I had hoped this blog would accomplish, seeing God's plan for her life, praying for her and other sick ones, and medical information that we could share with each other. I want to say thank you for the information that I have found so far in todays comments. I have never heard of C-diff, but was told this was a test we are waiting on as well as rotovirus. The do know that there are white blood cells in stool, but they didn't tell me what that means. The doctor is making rounds soon and my list is getting longer. Please know that I hold your families in our prayers and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you all praying for Annabel.
I am sure that God has the plan, that He is the Great Physician, but I do have to say this morning and after a horrible night she is so weak. Her alarms (different ones) keep alarming and I just had to go to the bathroom for a good cry. No, I don't feel this is anything but a virus and problem with oxygen that we will work out, BUT sometime that ugly diagnosis rears its UGLY, and I mean UGLY head. I just let it get to me and maybe I am just tired. Everything will get better.

Mrs Redboots (Annabel Smyth) said...

Hey, Cathy - you're allowed to go and have a good cry when you need one! After all, our dear Lord did, didn't he?

Praying for my dearest little "namesake" - I do thank God that I found your blog (I was playing "the Google game" where you input your first name followed by "loves" or "needs" or something similar - I firmly believe this was of God!).

Katie said...

Praying so hard today, and always for sweet Annabel.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cathy,
Thanks for the update, although I can't help but cryfor the both of you as I am reading it. I HATE T-18!!!!!! I hope that you get lab results back today, and that you get insight into what is going on. I feel overwhelmed just thinking about your situation, I cannot imagine how you are holding up. I am glad you are in Houston since you can take advantage of a "children's" hospital, but the selfish part of me wishes you were across from the school so we could come visit!
You are doing a great job, and it is wonderful to share her true journey - the good and the bad!
God is so proud of you!