Monday, April 13, 2009

Road Trip...

The picture above was of the kids after Mass minus my 21 yrs. old son who is off preparing for his deployment. He will be back in a month. As you can see Annabel was not feeling very well. I was desperate to go to Mass, to be with my family and celebrate Easter (o.k. maybe because she had a new Easter dress)!

Annabel had done so well on the C-PAP since the weekend, but as of this past Friday she has not been doing so well. Either her oxygen level is too low and it constantly alarms or her heart rate is racing in between 150 - 210. We had to place her on oxygen to get through yesterday afternoon and then last night I had to turn her level on the pulse ox down just to sleep some. I have just called her pulmonary to see if we have to adjust her machine. We are waiting on a call for another study to be done with them adjusting her levels while she sleeps. Praying this will not take
6 months to get again. Don't think it will with her new diagnosis.

We are in route to Houston for an appt. with urology. I do need prayers concerning this. This is our wonderful surgeon (because he is) but doctor that we struggle with due to the fact that he doesn't find much purpose or reason in Annabel's life. WE are praying he will be attentive to listen to her new issues and that when we leave we will feel like steps are being taken in the right direction. I will post a little later after we know more.

Hoping that each and everyone had a beautiful and very Blessed Easter Sunday!


Laurie in Ca. said...

I will be praying today Cathy that you get good solid direction for Annabel. Praying for the doctors heart to have compassion. We had a wonderful Easter and hope you did too. Love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Kathy said...

He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Your family is so beautiful, sorry you were missing one.

Praying for all of Annabel's medical issues. For wisdom (!) for the docs, for love and compassion from them. How can they not fall in love with our adorable princess and all that she has accomplished in her precious four years?!?

Praying you will soon be posting with some promising news. Praying for rest for you as well sweet Mama!!!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

What a beautiful family!
Thinking of you this week!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cathy,
I want to be hopeful for you about Houston, but that particular doctor is a tough cookie. I hope you have more luck with the pulmonary doctor, and fast! Poor Belle, and poor you! Thanks for updating about Kathleen, I am so glad she found you!

Aimee said...

Praying for your trip and for the doctor.

Penny said...

Annabel is certainly beautiful in her Easter dress. Even if her smile is not as bright as it can be. So sorry that she is having trouble. Very maddening to me that there is a Dr. that you need for Annabel that doesn't see her life as important. How cruel!
I am praying specifically that little Annabel will be treated will kindness and respect. That seeing her will teach the medical community that her life has special meaning......... She has become so special to me and I only know her from blogshere!!

Praying praying............

Kelly said...

annabel looks like a doll in her little easter dress :) hope her doctors can figure out how to help her.