Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do we have....LIFT OFF?????

NO, but much better! WE HAVE A VEIN! Finally, after trying since this morning and the third and final team got the vein on their first try. Let me just say that I have been praying almost continuously since they first said IV! As soon as this last, very sweet nice gentleman got the vein, did I sign out loud, THANK YOU, JESUS! I do believe he picked all three teams that were sent. From the very first one, they listen and they looked and they stuck on when they truly thought they could get one. Several just burst and most of the time they just couldn't see them. Each team were so gentle and sweet with Annabel. She didn't cry until the last and final team, but they went high into her upper, inside part of arm and they used a big needle according to the nice gentleman. She then did let out a cry but comforted very quickly. She is worn out and very fast asleep.

I do have to say that this is the third time an IV was suggested and they truly tried everything to not have to stick her. I loved when the pulmonology doctor came in just a bit ago and the second team was trying and he said "What are they doing this to her for?" I have to say that I feel after three days he is so protective with her. He was not aware yet of her night and after hearing about it decided he agreed this was the best plan.

After feeding Annabel throughout the night with Pedialyte by her feeding pump she had almost no output this morning. She had probably around 16 dirty diapers since early this morning with mucous and blood. They think her gut needs to heal and that she has some sort of virus going on. They have decided that she does have a pneumonia going on and that basically whatever this is will be a bacteria type germ. At this point no urinary but the pulmonary doctor says we must keep doing cultures since she has so many loose stools. Annabel defies gravity and most things like to travel back up into her.

We couldn't really get stable with CPAP and her oxygen needs due to her tummy that developed a life of it own during the night. She rarely moves around in her bed and last night she travel from north to south and east to west. She hung her foot over the railing on each side several times. She rocked back and forth swinging her arms from side to side. This baby girl was in some kind of pain as I and the doctors believe her pain tolerance is unbelievably high.

We have moved to another room (yea, we have our own bath w/shower) and there is much activity getting her set up. I will post later if there is any new news.


Kathy said...


Thanks for keeping us posted. It's good to know how to pray.

So very sorry Princess Annabel is going through so much right now. She sure must have a high pain tolerance, God bless her!

Thanks also for mentioning the other babies that also need prayer. Your heart is soooooooooo
very B I G to be thinking of others as your sweet little one has many issues and needs right now.

Glad you have your own bathroom and hope that you can settle in there until you both get to go back home.

Praying for answers, treatments and speedy recovery in all areas for Annabel and some real rest for you, Mama!

Much love and many prayers!!!

Anonymous said...


I found the compassion of the pulmonologist so very touching.

Sending you both love and hoping sweet Annabel gets out soon.


The VW's said...

Poor sweet girl! She sounds miserable! Hang in there! I pray that she is well soon!

Laurie in Ca. said...

Praying really hard for her Cathy and asking God to direct every path taken for sweet Annabel. I am so thankful you found this sweet and compassionate doctor. Of course, we know that God provided him for you. Take care and thank you so much for keeping us updated. I love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Anonymous said...

Dear Cathy,
Thanks again for the update! I am also loving this new pulmonologist - how wonderful for Belle to have her own hero there!
Hooray for the new room, boo for the need for an IV, hooray for the successful stick, boo for the tummy bug! One step forward....

Again Cathy, thanks for being such an inspiration! Every time I even started to get frustrated today, I thought of you and your struggles, and tried to be more like you! You and Annabel have touched so many lives on your journey together, you are the perfect pair :)! Love to Tara too - she is the greatest!

Any word on a release date??? We miss you!



Kelly said...

i am so sorry annabel is hurting:( tummy bugs can be nasty, add them to her oxygen problems and it's just a lot for a little girl to have to deal with. she is a tough cookie and kaiya and i will be rooting for her speedy recovery.

Brenda said...

Dear Cathy,

Praying for Annabel's recovery. It breaks my heart to hear she is not well. Wish I were there to offer support. Big hugs to you and kisses to Annabel from all of us