Friday, April 18, 2008

So Happy To Be HOME.....

I want to thank everyone for their uplifting comments and their prayers for Annabel. Also, for all of you that made visits, calls and everyones friendship. Good news is that we are home. She is enjoying a nap in her own bed. The doctors gave order this morning that we would do another urinalysis and if the results were better we could be discharged. Well they were the same, which to me is better, just because they weren't worse. The nurses knew I was so ready and counting on being home for the weekend that they called the doctor to speed things up. I cannot say how wonderful this staff at the hospital makes our stay. When we leave we honestly feel like we are leaving our family. This includes nurses, ward clerks, aides, cleaning staff and the doctors. I have added the rest of the photos from yesterday and today. My very good friend Connie, who is my go to for such a wealth of information came for a visit. She also has a very beautiful Angel who just turned one recently, along with 4 other precious children. Her husband John is also in one of the pictures with Annabel. Connie is in charge of a program that Annabel participates in which provides for many of Annabel's needs. The two ladies that came with her to visit are Susan and Elaine and this was Annabel's annual visit. I thank them for tracking us down at the hospital to take care of business. The last couple pictures are of Annabel with just a few of these wonderful nurses. She always brightened when they came into her room. We promise that she doesn't hold a grudge from the IV's.

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Kathy said...

Hey Cath!

So very excited to hear that you and Annabel "graduated" to home!

Annabel looks very tall in the pictures. She has really gotten older and more mature just since I "met" her this summer. Must be all the love, attention, patient feedings, and more love!

Enjoy being at home...