Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today her tummy is doing a lot better and isn't as tender as it was yesterday. Her systems are working full blast.... intake and output!!! The doctors plans to do some lab work on her so hopefully good news is in the future. Tomorrow they are granting her a day pass to leave the hospital to go to Houston for a post-op. check up appointment with her gastro. As soon as we get back in town it is back to the hospital for IVs hookups and re-runs of the same cartoons for the little girl. Hopefully sometime between Thursday and the weekend she will be released. She has had an abundance of visitors since last evening. Last night, Lindsay came by to get some work done and Annabel apparently wanted a say so in the colors for the carpet. This morning Loma stopped by to watch the little girl while I went to my doctors appointment, then Cindy, a friend from church, and Lauren came to say hello. This afternoon her favorite teacher, even though she is her only teacher, came to make sure Annabel wasn't skipping class. Last but not least Colette decided to skip tennis this evening to bring Annabel a card and hang out for awhile. This evening Dr. Laurie Thompson stopped by to visit!! She is the neonatologist who cared for Annabel when she was born until her release from the neonatal unit. We think she is an amazing doctor and have not been able to see her since then. It was a great pleasure and huge surprise when she came by to see Annabel. She has never had a trisomy baby survive and was truly amazed at Annabel's progress. We are grateful for the care given to Annabel in her early days. Finally, Dr. Pam St. Armand came by to see Annabel again today. She says when she wants to see a happy person she comes to visit Annabel. We thank everyone for the time they take to visit with Annabel. Thanks again everyone who has called and stopped by to check up on the Bella. She is a fighter all the way and as each day passes you can tell by her facial expressions that she is feeling better.

A SPECIAL thank you goes out to the nurses here in pediatrics caring for Annabel. Thanka everyone for all the caring and the compassion that you all have showed to Annabel. Also, all the support y'all have showed to me as her mom, not only this hospital stay but since she was 2 months old coming here.
Thank you Nurses, Aids, and Ward Clerks:
Mary H., Sharon B., Lindsay R., Mary Ann M., Lori H., Cynthia P., Betty S., Sarah G., Angie B., Marion I., Niya K., Luisa S., Betina H., Marilyn S.,Beverly, Darla, and Jordan.
Please forgive me if I have forgotten any names and don't hesitate to let me know.


Anonymous said...

Bell Bell,
You look so big in this first picture. Enjoy your outing and make sure mommy plays videos the entire ride to Houston and back. God Bless and see you soon.


Laurie said...

Wow Cathy,

Annabel is one popular little girl and her pictures are so cute. I am so glad to hear that her systems are working full blast, this is good. I am hoping they get the infection cleared up for good this time and she will be buzzing home happy and healthy by the end of the week. I am praying for you too Cathy as I know much is going on and life is so busy. May you find peace and joy all around you today.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Laurie said...

Just stopping by tonight to let you know I continue to pray for Annabels tummy troubles to completely clear up and for the Lord to give you peace.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

kcconnors said...

I check your page everyday. But, just now realized I could leave a comment. I'm kinda slow!
I am loving being able to keep up with whats going on with Annabel. I miss yall and think about you often. I hope things keep progressing.
Love- Kasey

Angie Luce said...

I'm so glad Annabel is feeling better, and that she isn't lacking for company! I know that's important, and hopefully that means she knows how loved she is.