Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just A Quick Update

Cindy stopped by this morning to visit. She has become a part of this hospital trip. Every morning Cindy comes by to start the day and Annabel loves her visits. Also Dr. Brown, a good friend, who was looking quite energetic came by to say HI! While we were in Houston, Carol her therapist came by to bring her a precious giggling pig. Annabel can't take her eyes off of it!! Houston was reassuring in the fact that the surgery was a success and she is healing properly. Te only downside of the trip was that she lost the IV when returning home. Good news is the doctor decided not to put back in... yay!!! This evening she started her oral antibiotic and, depending on how she reacts, she could possibly be released tomorrow. YIPPEE!!!! Thanks for all the support.

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