Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well I knew I would forget someone when I started listing visitors. My days seems to run together when I am here. On Monday she had 3 special people visit her. The morning began with Mary Gradney who came by. In the afternoon another surprise visit from Gay and Denise Domingue. These are 3 beautiful ladies who pray for Annabel on a regular basis. I am sure I have left others out and like today will be awake since 2 a.m. trying to remember did I forget others. Each and everyones friendship is important to Annabel but also to the support they provide to me.
Ok, Dr. Prause came by and said we can give 2 more doses of the antibiotic and repeat the urine. If all goes well we can be release by noon. Thanks again to all the prayers for precious Annabel!


Anonymous said...

Released by noon, sounds great. I hope this works out for you both.


Anonymous said...

Hope every thing goes well today, and she can go home.
love SueSue