Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just hanging out...

Not much really happened this weekend. It was spent letting her rest, wean off the medication from being on the vent. They are using Ativsn and I am hoping that they will discontinue this also. Today I placed her in the wheelchair for a walk and when done she was exhausted and slept 3 1/2hours. Tonight they will begin feeds at 10ml. per hour through the night. There is also some concern about the large dilated bowel loops. They will need to have TPN regime decided with nutrition so I would love to go home soon. We will see. Thank you for continued prayers and your comments via email, text messages, comments on blog and Facebook. I have posted picture on Facebook with my phone but I have not figured out how to transfer them to blog.


Anonymous said...

I hope the night went well with the feeds. We really miss seeing this sweet girl. Hope you are home soon.

Edie and Ben

Kathy said...

Some down time is not all bad. Just gives her a chance to be and for the medical staff to access what's going on. Hope you girls are both getting some good rest.

Prayers continue! Love you girls!!!