Friday, September 23, 2011

Emotional return...

Today we returned to the 12th floor. I don't think I was prepared for the emotions that hit me. The first two doctors who came to visit after seeing her name back on the board commented on how fast and how impressive her crashing was. after being moved to ICU for four days in a row we had to talk to different doctors about how far and what we wanted to do for Annabel. we were talked to at length about her three failures and that would be it. The last 11 days are a blur and sometime really don't see real. When Tara came by the hospital this evening she mentioned the same exact thing about arrive last Monday afternoon to a room and hallway so full of doctors working on her. She also said what really happened but I just don't want to think that deep just yet. She is with us and I want to not waste anyway not being grateful.

We are in a regular room being monitored on oxygen. She is been weaned off the fentynal/versed and having some withdrawals. She is being given Ativan which helps. They are not beginning feeds due to the large dilated bowel loops and sounds like with the weekend we won't be dealing with it either.


Anonymous said...

Cathy. Take it one moment at a time. Look forward, not back. Know God loves this little girl even more than you. Which Iknow seems impossibe. Annbel is who she is because you are who you are. Edie

Myztri said...

If this were facebook, I would like the comment before mine.
You do not know me, but I am a friend of Tyler's. I have several special needs kids of my own, and have always followed this blog. I have waited on the edge of my seat daily, just hoping for a little update. My heart, and all of our love goes out to you guys. Your love for Annabel knows no bounds.
Again, I have to agree with the other post- Annabel is who she is, because you are who you are. Never forget that.

Kathy said...

Totally agree with Edie also!!!

You are wise to take it moment by moment and give praise and glory to God for keeping your sweet Princess safe while her little body goes through so much and fights so hard.

Prayers continue for continued healing and recovery. Prayers also for you Cathy as you have been through so much. Rest, prayer, talking it out, (hopefully there is a social worker or some nurse you are close to for you to "vent". If so, take advantage!) time, and going home will work wonders.

Nap, rest, relax and bask in those gorgeous smiles of your precious girl.

Thanks for the updates. Love you girls!!!

The Hull Munchkins said...

Thinking about you all and praying for sweet Annabel! What a brave little girl she is. Being in the hospital is beyond exhausting. Hang in there!