Thursday, September 22, 2011

Updating my last update...

Updating my last update:

Ok enough of this roller coaster ride. Surgery is going to reevaluate with xrays in 6 hours. The head critical care doctor really doesn't think she will be going to surgery today and she feels we need to try to begin intubation. So I maybe holding my sweet angel baby by this evening. An answer to prayers

The night was long and hard. She had more versed and fentanyl than ever. The say she has ICU psychosis, ugh. 4 nights of no sleep, although she can sleep daytime. We were hoping for extubation this morning but with a chest xray it seems she will be heading back to surgery. They are thinking somewhere she has a perforation. I am quite sure I will never be given more than I can handle, but with lack of sleep my emotions make me wonder. All I want is to hold her and let her know I how much she is loved!


jnell4duh said...

Cathy if there is one thing in this world that Annabel knows is that she is loved!
You have shown above all, that you will sacrifice anything for your baby girl.
This girl is loved by people from around the world that have felt her spirit online.
Janell Comeaux Ford

Anonymous said...

So sorry for this news Cathy. You must be so exhausted. I wish I lived closer to help. Please know that I am praying for you and Annabel.


Kathy said...

Hoping you are talking about ex-tubation and that would be because she is slowly improving.

This beloved little girl is the strongest, bravest and most amazing little one who God has blessed with a mommy and family that is equally amazing, loving and strong!!!

Hope you can soon hold your sweet baby girl and that both of you can really get some good rest tonight.

May His peace and all the love and prayers from all of us surround you in the hospital room.

Love you girls!!!

Anonymous said...

I really love what Janell said, pretend that message was from me. I hope she is in your arms, and you are giving her one kiss after another.