Monday, September 19, 2011

Slow and Steady wins the race...

So today they are basically just playing the numbers game the are tweaking adjustments on the vent.I really don't understand the vent machine as a whole but I do understand some of the individual numbers and we are getting better and better.she was placed back on the versed drip because giving bolus couldn't help her get on top of the pain/agitation. Lower left lobe is expanding so this is progress.
So big major praises for all that is going right, thank you Jesus for keeping Annabel safe.

Some prayer request for the next several days are that Annabel will not have brain damage from this illness. I really don't understand because I was totally taken by surprise when the doctor talked with me this afternoon. Something about oxygen and carbon dioxide, blood gasses and overcompensating on the vent. They were suppose to do the scan this evening but it is not ordered for this evening.

The next prayer request is that Annabel has to have a central line placed back into her chest. This will take place any day, not suspecting tomorrow since we re not NPO. It was when Annabel was returned to her room after surgery on Monday. There was a couple things mentioned to what really happened to her. One was that in surgery she received too much fluids which put her into fluid overload. I never liked sending Annabel to surgery but with all the lines being placed in and out of her chest I became complacent. No more! I am sure I will be a freak about.
So to all thank you for continued support and prayers. Again today I asked have we tuned the corner and are we not critically ill any longer. He said no our status will not change as long as she is on a ventilator and that we are admitted to the critical care unit...


Lisa said...

We want that little chickie off that vent and pain free! Prayers, prayers, prayers! I cannot imagine how you are coping! You are so strong, and Bella is so blessed that you are her Mama!

Anonymous said...

I second Lisa's comment. Edie