Saturday, April 12, 2008


Annabel wasn't as perky last night as she was during the day. Her fever came back but didn't make it over 100 and she had a tummy ache. She did sleep through the night and into the late morning. Today they are going to do the chest x-rays again to see if there is anymore infiltration in her lungs. Other than that not much as changed. She is still having diarrhea occasionally but they are allowing her to take in food by mouth today so hopefully that will help her bowels. Annie and Katie came to visit last night and Annabel loved it! Katie sure knows how to keep Annabel occupied and having fun. Derek also stopped by last night and this morning to show some love. Thanks for the prayers!


Angie Luce said...

Thinking about and pray for you and Annabel!

Kenzie said...

Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you guys! I have been somewhat disconnected the past several days, but I have received connie's emails.

Love you guys and praying in this time!

Kim ( said...

Connie has been keeping us updated - she loves you guys so much. I am praying for Annabel - she is precious - we are continuing to lift your whole family up as you get through this time. Thanks for the updates and sweet pictures!
With love,