Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back In The Hospital Again...

Well today has definitely been interesting. She woke up this morning with the febrile seizure and I just figured it was a one time thing. At about 10:30 her fever went up again so Tara ran a bath for her. As she was placing her into the sink another febrile seizure occurred... starting to get me a little worried. We took her to the doctor and he admitted her into the hospital to make sure this UTI gets cleared. While we were at the doctor's office, she had another seizure type episode. The doctor wants her cardiologist to come in today to check on her heart because he thought that he might have heard something different than usual. He didn't seem too worried about it just wants to make sure to cover everything. Now that she is in the hospital, she has had chest x-rays and just went back to get her IV and medicine taken care of. Right before they took her back, she had another febrile seizure while the nurse was in the room. This made me feel a little better now that there is another witness to the episode. They took her fever rectally which was 104.1. The doctor doesn't want her to take in anything orally, just through the G-button so he can make sure that it doesn't get into her chest. I will make sure to keep this website updated as I learn of anymore information. Thanks everyone for caring and keeping her in your prayers.


Yvette said...


I just got home and received 2 emails from Connie. I will be praying for Annabel throughout the night and look forward to hearing an update.

Love you,
Yvette Hostetter

Anonymous said...

I have just now started reading your blog about your precious Annabel. I get from reading the blogs that she has continual UTI's. I was just wondering if the doctor has suggested a suprapubic foley for her. It would be more or less permanent so that you wouldn't have to continually cath her, which may help cut down on the UTI's that she seems so prone to. My thoughts are with you all. Another tri 18 mom

Anonymous said...

Kourtni just told me about Annabel's blog site. I'm sorry to hear that she has been so very sick! I will call you soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Annabel. Give her kisses!
Love, Julie

Anonymous said...

Dear Cathy,
We love you all and are praying - but you know that Annabel is a "God magnet", so He is, and has always been with her! I am sorry for the difficult times you go through, but please know that your family's journey is inspirational and a testimony of great HOPE.