Friday, April 11, 2008

Special Visitors....

She had a good visit with her Nana Loma and Daddy Lanny. Lanny left before I could get back to take a photo, but she smiled so pretty with Nana. Annabel's diarrhea continued many times over while she had visitors. I sure appreciated the extra pair of hands! They also did the echo while she was here and hopefully we will get the results today. This afternoon Pastor Rick White came by to visit Annabel and see how she is doing. Also, some of the ladies from St. Annes Church stopped by to catch some smiles. She is all smiles today!! Now we are trying to get her to sleep so that they can perform the EEG test. Thank you to everyone that calls and comes to visit. We appreciate all of the prayers.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

How precious are those smiles in the midst of everything.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Miss Annabel can't talk, but she can communicate!
1st Photo, I love you too!
2nd Photo, Now, you did you say you
3rd Photo, MOM! (Giggle) Tell her that stethoscope is C-O-L-D!!!
LaLa's Mom