Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowed in....NOT!!!

Sometime, just sometimes our weather forecast isn't exactly what is reported. But we had the day off from school just in case. Also with that the roads were icy so we enjoyed just being together today. The road were not safe for Debbie to come to work today, and though she was missed, it gave me much time to be with Annabel. Thus, the reason for too many pictures, if that can be so!
She slept very late today probably due to the nausea medicine from last night. I had a great night sleep due to our night nurse pulling a shift. Then my least favorite thing to do is a dressing change. We are having to change at least every other day and sometimes back to back days. She is itching and scratching and opened the top of the dressing during the night. My nurses do such great dressing changes that I have only had to do one other in 7 months. As much as I tried with 3 different glove changes I know I didn't keep things as sterile as they did. We lack some supplies even though pleading with our company for more due to many changes but they just don't send enough. I will be calling Monday to get what is needed.
Then onto the fun things. We did go out with Tyler (Annabel's brother) for lunch at Jason's . Since my older kids don't live in our home I always enjoy going out and listening to what they have to say. We had a good time and Annabel was exhausted upon returning and slept for 2 hours. She is doing some funny things like just sitting up, one minute laughing and smiling then she leans forward as if she is going to fall asleep. This is even if there is nothing for her to lean on. She seems to tire out so easily.

So of course, the first picture is of her napping. The second group was playing with her blocks, and animals in her cube chairs. The last group was when I was setting up to mix her TPN/Lipids. This is a new toy that she really seems to enjoy. Until recently, Annabel really had no interest in toys. She has never liked touching, no interest in reaching out for much of anything. We are enjoying watching her explore and become more interested in her toys.
I have also come across some blogs of mom's using Ipads for communication devices for their children. I received one for Christmas but haven't really had a need for it. Today after researching some blogs and getting some wonderful suggestions for apps, we now have something new for Annabel to use. It is so much easier and lighter for her to use. She seems very interested in the little time we spent with it today.
Recently, we have also moved Annabel's room. We painted the new room very light, basically a white linen. After moving her sleep safe bed in and her furniture which is so light, I keep thinking we needed some color. I mentioned this to Rebekah (our nurse) and she just happened to know a friend from church who could help us with painting trees, flowers etc. on her walls. This last week her room was transformed into so much beautiful, happy colors. Her rug arrived today which added even more color. She will probably be finished this Monday so hopefully early this next week I will post some pictures of her new room.


Jill Smith said...

It's so great to see Annabel playing with her toys! Lily doesn't spend too much time playing with hers, so I know how happy it makes you when you see her doing so.
I hope you post more information about the IPad apps and how you use them with Annabel.
We're always thinking about you all.

Janet said...

I have been away from my computer for several days now, so just doing some catching up!
We have thought of an ipad for Sage, even though she can say some words, it is still alot of "point and guess", and we know, just as with Annabel, that there is PLENTY in their minds:-)
She is so beautiful, Ms. Cathy, LOVE the pictures!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

It is awesome to see Annabel playing with her toy! I can completely understand the joy in the little things. :) I am so excited to her how Annabel likes the Ipad. I am saving up for one!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

It is awesome to see Annabel playing with her toy! I can completely understand the joy in the little things. :) I am so excited to her how Annabel likes the Ipad. I am saving up for one!!

Kathy said...

Can't wait to see pictures of Princess Annabel's new room.

I always loved "snow days". But in Michigan we are used to them in the winter. How fun you are having them in Texas!!!

It is so fun to see Annabel interact with her toys and see that sparkle in her eyes!!! Thanks for posting!

The VW's said...

She is such a cutie!! :) Hugs!!!

Anonymous said...


Of course I realize the diagnosis is not appropriate for Annabel, but if you go to Itunes and search for Autism, they have great apps, many of which are free. I will check Ben's Ipod and see if any of those would work for her. I will also try to find a list for you.

Hope to see you both soon,

Julie Shaw said...

Happy Valentine's day