Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick trip to the ER...

Again, Annabel has another UTI. The are beginning to come back closer and closer together. She has been off of antibiotic more than a week and we have another one. We are waiting for a VCUG to be schedule to make sure Annabel's reflux (bladder back into the kidneys) hasn't come back. She had a surgery and in October of 2008 it was still holding. She also has had some fresh blood in her g-tube when we vent her and she will probably need to have a scope done to see what the bright red blood is coming from. She isn't acting very sick, just has spells of pain and discomfort and looks tired more than normal. She also seem to be gray tonight but it could just be that she is tired and pale. Her liver enzymes are way up again, yuck! Praying that it is just a reaction to the UTI that she is experiencing. So we wait for blood cultures drawn from the central line and urine cultures to see which direction to take.


Lynn said...

I'm so sorry to hear Annabel is not feeling well!

I have two piece of information that might or might not be useful for her liver.
1) I wrote to you once before on omegaven TPN formula and I think your doctors understood it was only for use in patients with short-gut syndrome. I have since come across more information that it may be in wider compassionate usage: http://grey.colorado.edu/shortgut/index.php/Omegaven
2) I also was recently reading about choline (an essential nutrient) reversing liver damage in TPN patients. Choline helps the liver export energy from food into the bloodstream as fat (without choline it can instead be stored within the liver itself, leading to liver failure.) http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2002-04/nu-cpl042402.php

I so hope you find a solution for her, whatever it is!

Cathy said...

This is to Lynn, thank you and I will be following up right away. I was told after talking with you that she wouldn't in anyway qualify. I need to be vigilant in pursing these options.