Monday, March 5, 2012

Been a while....

UPDATE: It seems to be the flu. Tested positive for A and B. Thanking Jesus that it is probably not her line.

Well, my sweet neice reminded me that it has been a while since I had made an update. I honestly try not to post pictures that are not uplifting. I don't mean that she has to always be smiling, or dressed up....but lately she has been tired much of the time. I do have some where she has literally slept through her speech and even 1/2 of her PT. We just help move her hand in speech and go easy on her in PT. Less than a week ago she was taken off TPN for a trial run. We were so excited to not have her connected all the time. I was making weekly calls to Houston to complain about how big she is getting and gaining sometimes like a pound a week. Our trisomy babies just aren't this big. We have lost  already like a pound of just puffy weight.
So Shauna these aren't the best pictures ever but you can still see her sweet, pretty face.
Believe me we still get some smile but not as often and when I don't have my camera around.

Saturday Annabel began to run a fever and seemed to just be getting a cold. But in the wee hours of this morning she began vomitting with the fever. In a picc/central line world this can always mean trouble. The highest her fever has been yesterday was 102.6. Today like around 101. plus...Her abdomen is huge and very rigid. We did transport by ambulance due to vomitting and her being in pain to move her. (I am praying something like the flu is happening). They drew her blood cultures and urine and wanted to transfer to Houston due to possible line infection. I asked if we could go home and wait out the cultures. Believe me I am remembering Sept/Oct when we almost lost sweet Annabel. I am praying I made the right decision to bring her home. I am packing in case we need to be in Houston. We will see our local pedi this afternoon and review everything and get her opinions.
Please keep Annabel in your thoughts and prayers until we get further results...


Kathy said...

"Our" girl is beautiful smiling or not!!! She probably gets tired from holding up those amazing eyelashes of hers!!

Praising God it's the flu and praying for a speedy recovery!!

Love you girls!!!

Anonymous said...

Your updates are always so wonderful to see. I fully understand, why you created the blog. So I more than understand why you want it to be uplifting. I thank you for all you do, for Annabel and for those of us who love her dearly.