Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trip to the Play Room...

Just a few pictures of Annabel playing in the playroom. I think she enjoyed getting out of the room but was so tired upon returning.
Update for today is that she still continue to have bile coming out of her g-tube and the loose stools have come back. She isn't tolerating the feeding and I am praying it is due to the infection. We are holding the feeds at 2 a.m and 6 a.m.
Still no clear blood cultures but hoping that tomorrow one will come up clear. As soon as we have 3 days in a row of clear cultures we can plan the surgery to place the central line. Thank you for continued prayers. They have some concern that her blood pressure are too low, but this last one looks better to me. She isn't needing any oxygen right now and I think that is a good sign.


Anonymous said...

Her sweet beautiful eyes look so tired. I hope she is feeling better very soon. Ben and I love her with all our hearts. She is in our constant prayers.


Anonymous said...

Praying for extra measures of God's grace and mercy for that sweet girl.