Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking for Lissa???

Thank you to everyone who reads and comments on Annabel's blog. Sometimes if you aren't registered with Blogger.com when you sign your name I can't retrieved your information. So to all who comment on and off the blog your encouragement means so much to me. The prayers are priceless as you all know that is why Annabel is with us today. God hears and He answers prayers.

So Lissa Gressley commented yesterday on my stressed out post. Lissa if you read this you commented on the spiral tubing for the broviac line. If you can contact me again either on this blog or my email which is suzyque92@hotmail.com. I would love to find out more about the tubing and understand how you use it. This blog has been a huge source of encouragement but also medical advice and so many wonderful suggestions. So please if you read this I would love to hear from you.

So to anyone else out there who may have some advice I never mind reading and maybe implementing something that has been helpful in your life with your child.

I will post more pictures from our day but she is pretty drugged from Benadryl. Annabel has been itching so much and clawing at her central line. She usually never plays with her button, lines or really anything. So we are assuming maybe the Gentamycin is giving her some sort of reaction so thus the drugged look. But with the help of our nurse we did get a small smile...enjoy!


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Cathy, what an ordeal! Emily's Broviac broke, twice actually. The first time we were going to therapy to pick up her wheelchair for the very first time. When we got there and parked, I opened the van door and there was blood all over her. I realized that the line had broken and luckily I had a pair of those blue clampy scissors. I clamped it and drove straight to the ER. They fixed it, with some glue or something, and sent us home. Two nights later we were sitting on the couch and I looked down and it had happened again. We weren't even moving at the time, we were just sitting on the couch! It had come apart again. This time the line was replaced.

I guess I'm just telling you so you know that it does happen, and it's not your fault! Sometimes they just break. The coil that the poster is talking about should definitely help. It's an extension that goes on the Broviac lumen and is coiled up like a phone cord. It gives the line some stretchability and extra length. I would talk to your DME company about it!!

Laurie in Ca. said...

No advice from me Cathy but know you are both in my prayers. And I am hoping you find Lissa and get the answers you need. Love you girl.

Love and Hugs, Laurie