Thursday, September 16, 2010

An apple a day...

Annabel is back on TPN and Lipids. She is off of any thing into her gut unless it is medicine. They are trying to rest her gut again in the hopes that it will help it to begin working again. She is doing fine and seems so happy. That is the crazy thing about TPN/Lipids. She is stronger and outwardly healthier than ever. I try to just look at her day to day and enjoy all these strong hugs and kisses she love to give. She stands so tall now and is doing well in her therapies. She isn't weak like before the TPN. But in my low times I get too focused on what is happening inside of her with the TPN/Lipids and her liver. My sweet nurse constantly reminds me to focus on quality of life, meaning today. I am trying and she makes sense! I am still desperately praying that she will again take food into her precious tummy.

The pictures below were in celebration of Derek's 29th birthday. Oh no, I can't be that old! But I wouldn't trade a day of being this old, or wouldn't have my oldest and first born son! Linzy's family joined us for his birthday along with my Tyler and Tara. Of course, Carly and Colette are off at school. Cindy, Linzy's mom make the most wonderful red velvet cupcakes with the creamiest icing. Thank you Cindy for supplying Derek's birthday treats and for David joining us after a long hard day at work!


Janet said...

I swear, if that kid gets any cuter, I don't think I will be able to stand it! She is just so beautiful! LOOOVE her outfit! (as usual:)
Good to have a little time for celebrations, isn't it? Sort of picks you up a little! Glad his b-day was a happy one, and send some of those cupcakes my way! I have seen recipes for them, and actually have one of my cookbooks open to a Red Velvet cake recipe, but just haven't gotten brave enough to make it yet!

Kathy said...

Forget the cupcakes!!! Your sweet Annabel looks scrumptious!!! Could eat her up!!! Good thing I live so far away, right? ;-)

Actually the cupcakes look truly delicious. How wonderful that your children (minus the adorable college co-eds) could get together to celebrate Derek's birthday! Wishing him a wonderful year!

I think we all need to pray that Annabel will not suffer ANY side effects and that the nutrition therapy she is on will do her a world of good, as it seems to be. God is a God of miracles, so let's expect that for Princess Annabel!!! Enjoy all those precious strong hugs and keep sharing those joy-filled smiles with us!!!

Love you girls!!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Mmmm I love red velvet cupcakes! :) Annabel looks great, the dress and bow are super cute. She has the most adorable smocked clothes every!

I hope that resting her gut for another while will really help it. It's so hard to balance how great she looks and does, with how bad it is for her liver.

Edie Mindell said...

Hi. I am amazed by your loving family and the love and attention you are showering Annabel. You are a very brave mother and I salute you for that. Your Annabel is so cute and cuddly despite her sickness. I pray that God will continue to bless her with more blessings to come.:-)