Friday, July 30, 2010

He Is Back....

These are pictures from Tyler's return. We went to Houston yesterday to see the soldier's being escorted in by police motorcade. Tyler was on the second plane to arrive so this happened around 3 p.m. It was much too hot so Annabel was not able to make the trip with us, but Mel and I, along with Carly and Colette we able to see him arrive. I can't begin to tell you how good that hug felt knowing that I would not be telling him bye again, at least for a while. His unit has 120 soldiers and they were all treated free to dinner at Golden Coral. It was so emotional seeing them all enter and the customers and workers cheering for them. We stayed the night since this morning their was a program to welcome them home with speakers and a luncheon.

The following pictures of Tyler's homecoming to Annabel. I think the words will say it all...there wasn't a doubt in my mind that she remembered who he was and I think it warmed his heart also. I asked him the first three things he wanted to do when he returned and number one was to see Annabel, then his dog and after this his bike!


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Cathy, I am sitting here in tears! What a beautiful homecoming. The look on Annabel's face ... her little hands on his head ... THAT is love. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. What a wonderful home coming. So happy. Those pics of Tyler and Annabel are just something else. So genuine and warm.

Reminds me of this video of another handsome soldier saying good bye to his little brother with trisomy 13 as he heads off overseas.

It is these pictures, with siblings that convinces me more than anything just how special these children are.
Welcome back Tyler!!

Janet said...

As if I needed to cry anymore today!

I am so glad he is back!
Glad for him, and glad for you!!!

Those pictures speak volumes.
And Annabel looks sooo cute (as always) in her watermelon outfit!

Love to see that smile.
It truly does make my day to see that sweet girl.

The VW's said...

WOOHOO! Welcome Home!!! So happy for him and all of your family! You must feel so happy and relieved!

Those pictures of him with Annabel are so precious! They brought tears to my eyes! Such love!

Anonymous said...

Those pics are awesome! I am so glad your son is home safely!

Dr B

Anonymous said...

Awww...very sweet.


connie said...

Oh, yeah, like i needed to cry. I love the pictures, but didn't need to be crying now, ok?

Stacy said...

What joy must fill your heart! So thrilled beyond words for you!! The pictures tell it all. Absolutely wonderful.

Hilary said...

Welcome home!!!! Those pictures were AWESOME :)

Kathy said...

So very happy that your handsome soldier son is home and being well-loved by his wonderful family!!! You all look so, so happy but Annabel looks ecstatic to see Tyler. Such a special love and relationship!

I have to agree with the others that the pictures of the two of them brought tears to my eyes. Those little hands on his face. Oh! And the sparkle and warmth of his eyes as he looks at his sister. Beautiful!

Please thank Tyler again for serving our country and for protecting all of us back home. Those soldiers are so appreciated!!!

God has blessed you and Mel with truly amazing kids!!!

Ashley said...

My heart is bursting with joy as I look upon their faces! Such precious moments. So thankful your son is home safe and sound.

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift you sent to Ashley Kate. She opened her eyes and pointed to it then closed them once again. Just seeing them open and the recognition in them for even a moment blessed my heart. Thank you so very much for loving my baby girl. Trish

TherExtras said...

I am so happy for you and your family! I am so grateful for his service and safe return home!