Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brianna Botts...

Again, I come to you asking for prayers for Brianna and her family. They have been on a roller coaster lately and it still continues. Things are not sounding so great any longer and some very important choices/decisions are having to be made. Pray that God will hold this family in the palm of His precious hand as they find professionals to help and guide them. Pray that Brianna will not suffer if He chooses to carry her home. But with that said, we pray that more time will be given her family who was chosen to be her family a long time ago...
You can read more about Brianna and their journey at


Kathy said...

Praying for precious Brianna! Have been following her blog after hearing about her from you some time ago.

Praying for Annabel's appointments this week and for some encouraging news!

Love you girls!!!

Kenzie said...


Hey friend! I have been praying for Brianna as well... she is so precious, just like Annabel, and am petitioning the Lord for more time if it is His will.

I love you guys and am anxious to hear how school is going for the whole clan. I can't believe your twins are so big... I'm sure you're clinging to this time with them!

Love you friend and praying,