Monday, June 29, 2009

Week in Pictures....


I mentioned a few of the following things in my earlier post and will say a few more things. The dr. visit went so well. I really like this surgeon. He may have been the only doctor to never question anything about Annabel's diagnosis. He saw she needed surgery and just proceeded. At the close of our drs appt. I mentioned this to him. His comment was that he had come into her hospital room back in April when she was so sick and knew something must be done for her. I told him I appreciated not having to justify why Annabel should or is worthy of whatever treatment or procedure needed to be done. My prayer is that if she ever needs a surgeon there in Houston again, that she be placed in his hands. From beginning to end, whatever he had control of he made go so smoothly. He was always so upbeat and always seemed to have a smile on his face.

Our wonderful visit with Kenzie was amazing! My only wish is that we would have had more time. I could have listened to Deacon all day. He was such a friendly guy and so sweet to Annabel. He showered her with toys and so sweet to Faith Claire. Faith is so beautiful, just like her mommy. Hello, does Kenzie look like she is 18 or what? She is so young looking! I know, I know, not everyone is over 50 and raising babies. Her home was beautiful and so welcoming. Everywhere you look are pictures of her family. Her three beautiful children, Deacon, Maddox and Baby Faith. God has truly blessed this precious young family with sweet, loving children. I guess you can tell from the pictures that Annabel snuggled right up to her. Also, thank you to the Stanfield family for the gifts you gave Annabel.
Kenzie and Annabel

Kenzie and Faith

Deacon, Annabel and Faith

After this stop, we went to meet Michele(Annabel's milk mommy) and her daughter Sophia. She is in the picture with Michele and Annabel. I don't have very many pictures because Michele (like me) doesn't want her picture taken. Sophia showered Annabel with gifts also and we are so appreciative. Kenzie and Michele live only 3 miles from each other. Of course, our meeting with Michele and Sophia took place at Ooh La Lah and yes I did have a huge cupcake at 12:30 instead of lunch. I don't want to forget to mention the most wonderful gift from Michele is the breastmilk that she is supplying for Annabel. I truly believe that this great recovery and healing is due to this gold (so that is what I call it). It is a gift from her sweet Angel Vivian who passed away this past year in August. Annabel's life continues to bless me with such loving people and for this I am grateful!

Sophia, Annabel and Michele

Now that Annabel is released we are venturing out a bit more. We have been swimming each day except today which we had a very heavy afternoon rain/wind storm. A night out at Pappadeaux's with the girls. A visit from Derek and Linzy looking so good after attending a friends wedding. Also this afternoon we went to the mall and saw several of Annabel's friends, Ms. Hardy (principal) and Ms. Erica!

Derek and Annabel

Annabel, Derek and Linzy

Annabel, Tara, Carly and Colette

There continues not to be too much to share as far as Annabel. This is all good news. God has totally orchestrated the last couple months with Annabel. Actually, hasn't he orchestrated her entire life???He continues today in her healing. He sent the right doctors into her life at the right time. I needed assurance that whatever was needed was the right decision. Along the way, He showed me exactly what Annabel needed. Annabel continues at this time to be down to only two meds, no oxygen, no bi-pap and no catherizations. This has allowed me with more time to just be! To enjoy her as the child that she is. Before, I felt we were on such a schedule to cath, medicate, tube feedings...

I pray that He allow us much more time to just be...I am hoping that with some of this extra time I am able to do more with the kids. It is summer and with Annabel being healthy maybe take some short trips to the beach or just hang out by the pool. Hoping also that all of you are having a very relaxing summer so far!


Anonymous said...

Who could ask for more? Hooray!


The VW's said...

I am so happy for you! What a blessing that Annabel is doing so well! Thank You Lord!

Brenda said...

What beautiful pictures. There are not enough words to say how happy I am for both Annabel and you. Thank you Jesus for continuing to bless your family. I will check the calendar this week and see when we can plan a get-together. Jerry said he will be going to Texas alot this summer and we would love to tag along with him.

Mrs Redboots (Annabel Smyth) said...

I so love that first picture, of her sitting on the wall!

Thank you for posting the pictures. I'm so glad she's made such a terrific recovery - she looks well and happy.

Kelly said...

annabel looks wonderful! thank you so much for sharing all the pictures! we are so happy that everything worked out so well for annabel, she looks so happy and healthy! we will definitely be missing you guys at conference. hopefully we will be able to see you next year!

Rachel E. said...

That is so neat that you got to meet Kenzie and Deacon and Faith Clare! I've been reading Kenzie's blog for awhile and she is such an amazing, inspiring person. Your Annabel is beautiful!

Kathy said...

Great pictures! Great news!! Great post!!!
Love you girls!!! (will email you soon)

May said...

it really warms my heart to see her so happy again...she is LIFE in capital letters!

Kenzie said...


As you know, we had such an amazing, wonderful time spending time with you, Tara and precious Annabel. I know that you know how I feel about her, but I just really wanted to thank you again for coming this way get together. I absolutely LOVE your family and man, is that Annabel a sweet cupcake or what?! :) You guys are the definition of HOPE and LIFE for so many families out there so for that and so much more- THANK YOU! You are such a wonderful mother and all of your kids are so blessed to have you.

Love you friend... give that girl a kiss from all of us!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

It is truly a miracle that Annabel is doing SO well! I can't believe how many treatments you were able to stop. That is awesome.

That top photo of her takes my breath away. She is SO beautiful. :)

*HoLLi jO* said...

So glad I stopped in real quick to see that beautiful girl! Love the new pictures, and love that shes doing so well!! :)

Tamara said...

Wahoo Little Miss. So good to hear you are feeling like warm sunshine rays on a cool autumn day! Makes my heart leap with joy! I love all the sweet photos and wish we could climb through the computer to visit on these smiley days! Praise Jesus for His wonderful blessings! Love you both so much, miss you too and think of ya even more! Happy 4th to you and I hope you have a terrrrrriffic time together!

Mummy Pauline said...

So sweet .. Annabel's beautiful smile touches everyone's heart.