Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update 9-17-08

Just a quick note to say that Annabel was much better today. She woke happy and seemed less tender in the belly. The doctor mentioned how fast the shot would work and it did. She has had this shot before when things get bad.
Also I wanted to clear up about the surgery (can't remember the name) that I mentioned in yesterdays blog. That is not what I am considering right now at all. That is what her urologist wanted to do and said that if the infections continued to be a problem. With the cathing she has had less infections and not near as serious as prior to the cathing and the antibiotic wash in the bladder. My plan is to possibly still let her potty and just try to cath her in the morning and before bedtime. Those two times I can give her the gentimycin wash and then see if this lessens the infections. Then she can still be so proud of herself! She has never like a dirty diaper so I know she likes to be clean and dry on her bottom.
News today from Entergy(eclectic co.) says that they will turn the power on in stages 50% by Sept. 22, 80% with power by Sept. 30, 100% with power by Oct.6. YIKES!!!!
I am taking a positive outlook and since we were turned on last from Hurricane Rita that maybe we will be in the first group. On the other hand since we were the last group that maybe how it works. We just might be in that order as far as turning the grids back on. They have explained that you cannot just turn the whole city on, it must go in stages. So we will be patient and again be thankful that we have a home to return to.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im so gldad she feels better already!

Kathy said...

Hi Cathy!

Thanks for the update! It is so great that Princess Annabel is feeling so very much better. Thank you, Jesus!

I like your plan for her bladder issues and will pray that all goes very smoothly.

Sorry about the energy coming back so slow. Are you able to get any work done on your house before then or do you have to wait for power before you are allowed to get into your neighborhood?

Praying for all the details to work out more smoothly than you can imagine.

Laurie said...

Yay Annabel,

She is such a little fighter in the biggest sense. God is good and I am so thankful He holds her close Cathy. She is a little treasure and is so precious. I am praying for you too Cathy and all of your needs at this time. I love you.

Laurie in Ca.

Kim ( said...

I am glad Annabel is feeling better. I continue to pray for you, her and all your family's needs right now. I love the new picture (haven't seen it) on the left hand side of the blog. Annabel just makes me smile, she is so precious!
With love,

Laurie said...

Hi Cathy,

Just me again on this Friday night to let you know I am jealous that you and Connie get to have fun together:)
I love how you both are making the best out of your "temporary relocation". Why do we have to live so far apart? Our states are huge and too many hours apart. Have a wonderful weekend, I love you.

Laurie in Ca.

Our Journey said...

I just stumbled on your site today via jessicas, you have a very beautiful family!

we also have a blog if you want to check us out. its

May said...

We had a really good Sunday with Vera Cathy. There are always good days and bad. Some days we're strong and some days we're not. Everyone has their breaking point...what's important is that we bounce back! I'm sure you will beat the storm!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I am so glad that Annabel is feeling better. Like you, that surgery is the last last last resort in our minds. I hope Annabel continues to feel better!