Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese...

Annabel's therapy Thursday turned into a field trip at Chuck E. Cheese. Her class was taking a field trip and two of her therapist had to cancel so field trip it was. I think she had lots of fun. She rode some rides including a merry-go-round!
Tara also showed up and took her through some of the activities. That was good since I became sick on the merry-go-round. I am so blessed to have Annabel in this class at school. Mrs. Anne is the most wonderful person I can imagine. I trust Annabel totally to be in her care. She also has two aides Mrs. Alice and Mrs. Lisa. The whole team is tireless in their care of these children. They are the most joyful group and upon seeing them Annabel breaks into a huge smile. Each time I enter the room at school she is smiling and full of Joy!!! I am hoping for many more years to come in this classroom.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know she is feeling better. I hope she continues to do so. I love her little dress. I know what you mean about getting ill, Ben's favorite Disney World Memory is his making me ill on the Tea Cups.

Karen said...

I had to come to see that beautiful baby girl's smile. I can only pray for the number of days with Jacob that you have had with your stunning Annabel. She encourages me in hope. Thank you for sharing her smile. No matter what, her smile warms me up.

Love always,
Karen Fahmer
(Jacob Ryan's Mom)

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Gotta love Chucky!

I wonder if there is anything to this g-tube no sleep thing???? Hmmm.

Laurie said...

Annabel's smile is absolutely amazing!! I am glad to know that she is feeling better too. She is such a light to my heart when I see her face. Praying that she continues to amaze you and praying for you too Cathy.

Love and Hope, Laurie in Ca.