Monday, December 1, 2008

She's back...

Let me begin by wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I know that through Annabel we can't help but remember how thankful we all are. God is so good and He brings such beautiful things through such innocent babies. Here Annabel is pictured with my sister, her Aunt Lira and my brother, uncle Carl.

Annabel has seemed to do well with the rest from the holiday. Each day she has seemed to have more energy and has taken a growth spurt. We are still taking the breast milk and I am so grateful to our milk mommies.

We have switched to a new pediatrician and when we weighed in her weight was 22.4oz. The last time about 3 weeks ago at the prior pediatrician she weighed 21.4. No I don't think she has gain a whole pound (I am sure their scales weigh differently) but I do know she has put on weight. She has also has a virus and so I was happy to see that she hasn't lost weight.

She is on very little oxygen as compared to the last month or so. Not sure if this is due to the move, weather changes or just Annabel! But the less stress is a welcomed relief.

This is such a brief update but there is a precious little girl with Trisomy 18 who is around 200 days or so. She is struggling and in need of everyones prayers. If when you read this you could just say a brief prayer for Zoe. Her blogsite is She has been doing very well prior to undergoing heart surgery and encountered an infection.

Again, as always thanks to everyone who visits Annabel site


Laurie said...

Oh Cathy,

Annabel looks sooooooo good and happy in these pictures. I am so thankful that she continues to feel better day by day. My prayers will continue for our girl and for you too my sweet friend. Thanks so much for putting the word out about Zoe too. She really can use the prayers. I love you my friend.

Laurie in Ca.

The VW's said...

Annabel looks so happy! What a precious child! Glad to hear that she is improving!

Kathy said...

Beautiful pictures of your happy girl!!! Praising God for all improvements however He allowed them to come about!

Prayers for continued progress and also thanks for letting us know about little Zoe. Will pray and check out her site.

Home from Boston and it is snowing here in Michigan!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Her smile in that first picture is absolutely gorgeous!
Im so glad her spunk is coming back.

Kelly said...

annabel looks amazing in the pictures! so glad to see that huge smile :) it's great that she is feeling better and not losing any weight!

May said...

I just love her. was getting withdrawal symptoms while waiting for her pictures!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love to see that happy face, It just sets my day. Hugs and Kisses.
Susan (Aunt Rorooroo)

Tamara said...

Hi there Cathy!!! Good to see little Annabel with such a BIG sweet smile! I am so happy to hear that she is doing better and on less oxygen! E-mail me or call me, miss you and need to talk! Love to you ALL Tam

Michelle said...

She is so precious!