Saturday, September 13, 2008


We are so grateful for all your prayers and concerns. It means so much to know that others are out there praying to help us get through this hurricane.

I first want to give some news on Kenzie Stanfield who also were affected by the hurricane. She said that where they live is mostly without power but they did not lose power. While being thankful that they are ok from the hurricane, the message is that she is experiencing contractions again. Still so very early for Baby Faith to make her appearance. So many prayers to be offered up on her behalf.

I attempted to update the blog earlier but had lost the signal. Our cell phones were out, electricity gone, have to boil water and we are under a very strict curfew. All this said I am beating myself up for not leaving and just chancing the time spent on the road. I don't want this to seem like I am complaining as we have so much to be thankful for while other have their home split in two with trees. The reality is that we will probably be leaving tomorrow, heading north to Dallas and will be out of our home for anywhere from 2 1/2 -6 weeks. This is what is being said at this point. It is still very early and they are still assessing the situation. I do know that with Louisiana still having power outages from Hurricane Gustav that they are saying that we can't have power prior to their power being restored.

As far as our home, we have lots of tree damage, roof damage, fence damage and much water in the main part of our home due to roof damage. We even had water coming out of electrical outlets. I have never seen that before! But the best is that all are ok. Annabel went to her Loma & Lanny's today since our home is so hot. She struggles with the heat and is having some tummy issues. Loma & Lanny's home is her special retreat. She gets tons of loving and holding from them. My plan was to bring her home this evening but it is so hot and mostly dark. So she is spending the night with them and I am praying that she has a good night for them. I would not have been able to stay here today and take care of things had it not been for them.

We have just recently heard that our beach home at Crystal Beach may no longer be there. My parents who are in Dallas were watching T.V. and along the bottom of the screen they saw it say that Gilchrist and Crystal Beach is no more. We have no verification as to this and will wait for further news.

Again, thanks to everyone for your concerns!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that ya'll are ok, many prayers been going your way. We are at Lauren's in Denton, Edie is at LaQ by DFW airport. Janell Ford

ajc4ever said...

Such a relief to hear you are okay. I checked about 20 times yesterday for an update. lol I prayed for you too. Thanks for then news on Kenzie too.


Laurie said...


What a relief to know that you and your family are all okay.!! I am so sorry about the damage though. I have been checking in on you hourly and thankful to find your update this morning. I have been beside myself with concern for Kenzie. It is heartbreaking to click on her site and find it still closed. I can only imagine how she feels. Praying for the contractions to stop and baby Faith to remain safe and secure. I love you friend and will continue to pray for you all.

Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

The VW's said...

Prayers will continue for you, Kenzie and all who are affected by the hurricanes.

I'm glad to hear that you are safe! I can't even imagine what all of you are having to deal with! Hang in there! I'll be praying!

Jenny said...

I don't get why people stay, when evacuation is needed... risking the lives of rescue workers, and others. Makes no sense!!! I am glad you are OK... don't understand why you would risk it. But the fact that you are safe is important.

Kelly said...

glad to hear everyone is ok! we've been thinking about all of you and it's good to hear you are all safe.

Kathy said...

Houses can be fixed or replaced, people are what is precious. Praising God you all are safe!

How wonderful that Miss Annabel is safe and cool and very well cared for while mommy takes care of the mess that Ike left.

We in Michigan are getting Ike's heavy leftover rain, but thankfully, not the wind so much.

Love and prayers still coming your way!!! Thanks for the updates!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad you are all okay. But sorry that you have suffered so much damage. I will be keeping you all in in my thoughts as you head north. Hope Annabel's tummy feels better soon,too.
Take care,
Holly & Morgan

Stacy said...

I am just catching up now and praising God that you are all ok. I didn't know you lived in the path of Ike. I am so sorry to hear about your home at Crystal Lake...and about the damage that was done to your main home. But, so glad to hear that Annabel is safe, as well, and that she had a cool, loving place to stay while you handle the details at home.

I can't imagine how tired you must be right about now, but know that you have many praying for you, including myself. I pray God's peace and strength for you and your family and that He will provide all that you need right now. He knows it all, even before we ask.

Praying for Kenzie, as well. Thank you for the update.

In Christ's love,

May said...

so happy to see annabel here smiling through the storm. times like these remind us how small and fragile our lives are. what a blessing everyone is ok. looking out for more news when you can post

Angie said...


I'm so glad you are okay! i've been waiting and praying, hoping for a good update! thank you for giving us news about kenzie as well. i know there is a long road ahead as the long line to restore power stretches on, but i pray that God will protect all of you in a special way as you wait!


Tamara said...

oye, cathy... I have stayed away from the computer until today and then come on your site and read all of this! My heart is so broken for you, but I am so glad that you and your family are safe! Oh I wish I was there to help in any way possible. I will for sure be praying for you and your family! Please take care and know we all love you all!!!!!

Julie said...

Really good to hear that you are safe. Please give Annabel a hug from us and continuing to hope that her belly will feel better.