Saturday, June 7, 2008

Schools out...

Let me begin by saying thank you to all who prayed for Jacob's family. I just felt each time I sat at my computer I could only think of Baby Jacob and then I just couldn't post. He has left an enormous hole in all our hearts. I know Heaven is rejoicing with his arrival.
This past week brought the loss of my grandmother who was 102 years old. Even though we suffer the loss on Earth of her prescence we truly celebrated her life. It was a week of tears and so much laughter and recalling of wonderful memories. She lived a very full life and until recently lived on her own. We were lucky enough to have four of my cousins from Seattle stay with us this week. Andy and his wife Kelly have a 15 mth. old son named Carter. He was so wonderful with Annabel and we witnessed how much Annabel loves having someone closer to her own size. Andy's sister Mary also stayed with us. I think Annabel really enjoyed the extra attention that Mary showered on her and my older children really enjoyed getting to know their cousins better. We will hope for a visit again, maybe next year. Again, I want to thank God for the many years he blessed us with my grandmother's prescence and the lessons that are left to us from her life.
Annabel did attend school as this was her last week of the regular school year. She will begin Tuesday for an extended school year. It will last until the end of June. We are so lucky that her teacher and aides will be attending with her.
Annabel finished her antibiotic on Wednesday and her urine is already showing signs of infection. Oh well, according to the doctor we have to wait until we become symptomatic. Her button (feeding) has not been looking like I would like, but we will wait and see. She does seem to be adding a little weight slowly which is good. Her body just seems to be stronger. The picture of Annabel is just a lazy summer day. She maybe spending much time here in the pool since she hates to be on her tummy any other time. We noticed today while in the pool she never wanted to get off of her tummy. I think she would have napped in this position had I not been afraid of her getting to much sun exposure.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I want to be in that position in
the pool too!
I pray she doesnt get another infection.
Im so glad that she is getting stronger and putting on some weight.

Holly said...

Hi Cathy and Annabel,
Annabel looks so comfortable and very much at home in the pool. I'm glad she is already enjoying the summer. I know your summer starts a bit earlier than our up here.

Btw, I had a dream about you guys last night. Very brief, but it was you two. Morgan and I were out somewhere (you know how dreams are) and we were just sitting and I saw Annabel laying on a blanket. I said to myself, "I just know that is Annabel." And then, Cathy, you came up to us and said hi. That was the end of the dream. Isn't that funny?

Take care, and I do hope Annabel isn'tgetting another infection.

Holly &Morgan

Anonymous said...

Annabel, would you like to come swim with us? You can bring your green float, and Mama has lots of sunscreen. We have grapes, watermelon and some junk too! We have baby toys because Annalise has a lot and will share.


Laurie said...

Annabel looks so kicked back and totally relaxed. She is such a cutie. I am sorry to hear that your grandma passed, but boy did she live a full life!! I am praying for you dear friend and for Annabel's health. I hope she is not headed for another infection. Ugh. Praying for a great week for you Cathy. I love you.

Laurie in Ca.

The VW's said...

What a great picture! It should be on a postcard or something!

I've recently started reading your site. Thanks for sharing! Annabel is adorable and inspirational!

Hilary said...

Anabel looks like she is having so much pool fun!! Summer is great! My heart has been so heavy about Jacob too..he was and is a special boy :) I am so sorry for the loss of your Grandmother..102!! Amazing. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Have a super week.
:) Hilary

Tamara said...

Cathy, Oh I am so sorry for your loss. I remember how terrible it was when I lost my grandma, she was the proverbs 31 woman and taught me so many wonderful things. 102 years encapsulates many, many memories to treasure in your heart and I am so glad you had loving family to surround you to share in the joy of those memories. The sting of death here on earth hits hard, but the hope of heaven and seeing our loved ones again someday brings a warm blanket of peace to our hearts. If your grandma is just a smidge like you, I look forward to meeting her one glorious day!

Annabel, I so look forward to meeting you and giving you a hug! Your photo just makes my heart sing with excitement that you’re relaxing in a pool! What a way to enjoy the summer girlfriend!

I will pray that your infection clears up soon! I am so sorry your having to endure that little one! All my love and hugs! Tamara