Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 18,2008: Annabel's 1st Day of School

I can't believe that she has lived long enough to start school. Today is a day that I have looked forward to for awhile now. It is an incredible opportunity for her to interact with other children as well as be surrounded by people that aren't her family. My daughter, Tara, is having a difficult time letting her go to school, but, once Annabel gets used to the routine, I think everyone will feel more comfortable about it. I could not get everything setup for her to ride the bus so Tara and I dropped her off this morning. It was nice to have some free time during the day to get all my errands done, but I had mixed feelings about how she was adapting. Finally 3:15 came around and I got to pick up the little angel and find out how her day went. Once her eyes made contact with me she started wailing.... her heart was broken as if she thought she would never see me again. Tara came over a little while later and Annabel was all smiles and laughs for her. To think that doctors and statistics show that children with Trisomy 18 have problems mentally... this little girl is a lot smarter than we think! Her gastro doctor called today and has setup an appointment to have a Gpeg put in her next week... he is uncertain if it is just the Gpeg or if he will have to perform a fundoplication instead. At least we are moving in a positive direction to help her with feeding and emptying.

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