Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 17, 2008: Annabel's 3rd Birthday

Today was an exciting day for us all. Annabel is now 3yrs. old and we are going to enroll her in school. She did not wake up with her usual happy go lucky smile this morning. After testing her urine, we determined that she has another UTI. This is a discouraging way to start the day off since we have not heard anything about the gastric emptying scan last week to determine if she needs surgery. I am struggling to decide on which doctor to contact about another UTI. It is a daily struggle to find an antibiotic that will get rid of the infection. We went to speech and PT as usual to make sure she gets her therapy in. She dug into the birthday cake that my oldest daughter, Tara, baked for her. It is inspiring to see her eating cake and drinking gatorade like a normal child. She even signed "more" and reached for the drink, which is very unusual behavior for her. It is not typical of Annabel to drink out of a cup or even eat solid foods so she is progressing wonderfully! After discussing with the therapist and explaining my struggles with the doctors and infections, I wrote her urologist an email explaining that Annabel needs a doctor that is going to help her and not treat her based on Trisomy 18. Not but an hour later her doctor, which hasn't had anything to do with her since September, responded and called in a prescription for her infection and is now taking steps in the right direction to help her. It was as if God knew that I was stressed about what to do. Tonight we had a little family party for her with two neighbors that live down the road. Annabel loved to look at the balloons and listen to the singing one. Overall, the day ended on a positive note and she will be off to her first day of school in the morning.


Anonymous said...

God has blessd me, allowing me to share in this Angel's life. Three years of smiles, laughter and snuggly hugs. She is an amazing child, blessed with loving mother and family.

Cathy, the site is beautiful,the song is perfect for her. Please, keep me in her life and your life, forever.


theragan3 said...

I found your blog thru cfhusband. I was awestruck by your sweet Annabel and her story. A dear friend of mine gave birth on March 17, 2006 to a daughter, Natalie, born with Trisomy 13 as well. Natalie had many more complications and went home to Heaven on April 1, 2006. Seeing your Annabel and how well she is doing brings joy to my heart. I know Natalie is living life to the full in heaven as your daughter does here every day.
May God bless your famiy as you care for Annabel.
Erinn in MD

theragan3 said...

I meant to say Trisomy 18, sorry!

darkness among daylight said...

Your beautiful daughter was born on my anniversary. :) God bless you all.