Friday, May 3, 2013

Sweet picture...

I have tried to update but having so much trouble. Annabel continues to be free of a central line. She continue to rake in the minimal amount of feeds through her g-tube. She continues to experience since December one UTI after another. It is quite frustrating that we are not able to get her free of this bacteria. It is E-coli and they are sure she is colonized.  We have consulted with Infectious Disease to see if a plan can be made to help her out.

Annabel also had a sleep study which again confirms severe sleep apnea. She will go in for anothe
sleep study soon to see what can be done with a bi-pap.
We are looking forward to summer and spending time in the pool and also going to the beach!
I am truly trying  to update her blog more often.

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Jennifer said...

I'm not sure that you guys can use it - I'm about 90 percent sure you wont' be able to - but just in case - have you ever tried D-Mannose powder? It's a power you put in water - and it sticks to e coli in the urine and when you pee -you pee out the e-coli.

Whenever I think I'm getting a UTI, I take this and it works wonders. Even when I had a BAD UTI - it cleared it right up. I'm on antibiotics all the time for Lyme Disease and at the time I was on 3 to 5 - and nothing was touching the UTI - so we tried the natural alternative and couldn't believe it when it worked.