Friday, May 10, 2013

Annabel's field trip...

 This is Annabel's new nurse, Rachel. We are so excited to have found her.  She will be our PRN nurse as she will still be attending nursing school. We have waited, sometimes not so patiently, but now feel the wait was worth it. We still have Rebekah, our very first nurse also but she is only working one day a week. Since Motherhood, she loves staying home with her little one and we understand even though we miss her. She normally come on Saturday. 

Earlier today she was entered into the 25 yard dash where she took 2nd place and the 50 yard dash where she finished 1st. This was a wheelchair push with her sweet nurse pushing her. Go team Annabel and Rachel.

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jnell4duh said...

The wait was worth it, have known Rachel since she was a little girl. She is a friend of Katie's! Smart and sweet just like our Annabel, perfect match!