Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where does time go?

All has been going fairly well with Annabel. He stomach is still allowing her to take in formula and maintain her weight. The life without a central line has so much less stress. Now when she becomes ill we don't panic or run to the hospital. When one thing works for Annabel then one other thing acts up. Anyone who has followed the blog or a few years know she can be plagued with UTI's. that is where we have been last couple months. Her biggest issue is that the antibiotics aren't clearing her up. If we had the dreaded central or PICC line we could run I'VE antibiotic and fight the bug much better. But I don't want to be negative because I am so happy she is free without all the extra attachments.
Our Thanksgiving went well and we stayed home. Annabel has had a couple respiratory infection so it was easier having the family here.
Around the middle of December the twins came home for their break as well as their sister from her school break. I think Annabel likes all the activity with everyone back home. The boys both drop in fairly often.

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