Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Central line removed...

As of this past Thursday Annabel's line was removed. It was bleeding out of the insertion site and it was agreed that it was a very risking line to leave in her arm. We have swam everyday and enjoying not having the risk of fevers, becoming septic, bad liver, etc.
Here are a few pictures but I have some with her swimming and with her sisters. Will download and add them soon! I will also post about what was found in her tummy.

This is Annabel and her teacher on the first day of school...
This is my youngest son who came by to visit Ananbel in the hospital during her last infection due to the central line.

This is her brother Derek and his wife, Linzy, who came to visit after she was released from her surgery.

Annabel just making rounds in the hallway at the hospital!

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Lisa said...

What was found in her tummy?? You always said it sounded like an alien was in there - remember lol? She is so beautiful, and we are glad that she is making the most out of her time without the line! Hooray swimming! We love you!