Sunday, May 13, 2012

Most special ladies...

I want to begin by saying how lucky I am to have such a wonderful mom. I haven't always been the best daughter but she has always been the best mother! So thank you to my momma and for loving all my children. Now to five other beautiful, amazing, and selfless women that allowed me to have my amazing family. They all have names And are known as my birthmothers. I truly can't imagine my life had God not chosen our paths to cross! So as I do each year I want to thank each one by name. Tammy you gave me my first son, Derek! It is hard to believe he is 30 years old. Our son, meaning yours and mine was born on your birthday in the wee hours of the morning. I can't imagine how much harder that was since he was born on your birthday but yet you keep your plan that you had made. I know you know how thankful and how much we love him. Denise you gave me my first daughter, Tara! This has been 28 years ago. I will always thank you and be grateful for this sacrifice you made. I know this was to be your only daughter. I was so glad when y'all met, as I believe this is such an important step. Please know that we could not love her more! Karen you gave me what was to be my last baby, Tyler. I treasured every moment with him since I knew I would not have another(supposedly). I remember the day and place where we met and that you chose us to be his parents. Even though you chose us but wanted to spend one more night with him, I so worried that I wouldn't see you the next day, but you kept your commitment to us to be his parents! He was so very tiny to me since he was 8 weeks early. Today he is my biggest of all. Melissa you gave me such a surprise of two beautiful little babies! Our girls will be juniors in college and are 19 years old. Even on our very hardest days, they always gave us so much to laugh about! Even though y'all have not met face to face, I know that day is not far off. You will be so proud of them and I know look just like them. Many mothers sacrifice to relinquish one but you let two go as you had promised. Amanda you gave birth to a precious daughter who God chose to make so special. It is when you found out how special and short her sweet life was to be, you wanted her back so badly. It has been 7 most precious years that God has allowed us to love and care for your little one. Even though some think Annabel doesn't understand but I am sure she does, so I tell her how much you wanted her and how much you love her. Please know that she is loved more in her sweet lifetime than someone who has lived a hundred years. So to all of you, who have given me the most beautiful and handsome children I say thank you and I love you for your sacrifices. It is not just on Mothers Day that I feel this gratefulness! It was each night I rocked them to sleep, tucked them into bed as they got older, watched them growup, graduated, get married, or cared for them when they were sick. I always made sure we prayed for you, that they knew how much you loved and wanted them and made sure that they met back up when it was mutually agreeable. So please enjoy your day and know that you have changed someone's life so deeply... And to my mom who taught me to love all of Gods precious children. To all of you moms out there who have loved or have shared your children with other, Happy Mother's Day!


Kathy said...

Cathy, I always look forward to your tribute to your children's birth mothers. They are all amazing women, who loved their children so selflessly! They truly are heroes in my book.

And you, dear friend, grateful and wonderful mother to your sweet children. May God continue to bless the Shelander family each and every day!!!

Hope you had one terrific MOTHER'S DAY! No one deserves it more.

Anonymous said...

Happy last day of school, sweet Annabel. We love you dearly and hope to spend a lot of time together this summer.

Edie and Ben