Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ethenol locks

Does anyone have any experiences with ethenol locks place in the central lines? If you do please email me or write a comment. I was wondering about protocol when using the ethenol locks, changing the injection hubs, flushing, etc. Thank you!


Anonymous said...


I don't have experience using the ethenol locks first hand, but we did a lot of research and talked to our transplant team and surgical team about them. In the end we chose to use vancomycin locks instead. The reason for our decision was because across the board everyone told us that the main complication they have come across using the ethenol was that it was causing some cracking and splitting of the catheters. Since Ash has no more access this obviously would be a problem for us. I'm not sure about Annabel's access, but if its limited you might want to consider vanc locks instead? Just wanted to mention it and let you know what we had discovered.

As for allowing Ash to swim with a central line, we do not. Just today Dave said he wanted to have her fitted for a wet suit so that she would have the opportunity to get into the pool. Made me laugh, but I'm afraid he is serious! I do know of some families that do allow their kiddos to swim with central lines, but its too big of a risk for us to take. Does Annabel have a water table? Ash seems to really enjoy playing and splashing and it has curved her requests to go swimming. She also loves to be in the sprinklers. A few ideas that help us with the swimming issue. Just wanted to be sure and answer your question.

Thinking of you always. Thank you so much for continuing to follow Ash's story. Love you girls. Trish

Holly said...

We never used them for Caleigh but I did want to mention the short bowel syndrome yahoo group as well as the tpn yahoo support group. Those moms will have all kinds of info for you on the different types of locks out there if you aren't already in those groups.

Prayers to you guys.