Saturday, October 29, 2011

A very busy day and a tired little girl...

Today was a very busy day for Annabel! First we met our cousin Callie who came in from Oklahoma and Carleen from Houston. We met for lunch with my mom, my godmother/aunt Eva, my sister and two of her high school friends,Candy and Michelle. Tara, myself, Annabel and Donna our nurse had a great visit with family. She was in her element with all the attention. Thank you Callie for coming in and making time to visit with us!
This evening we attended the ARC Holiday Cards for a Cause kickoff dinner which honored the artist of the Christmas card that went on sale today. This was Annabel's second year as an artist. It is a wonderful evening and again she was showered with so much attention. Ms. Ann, her teacher who always helps her create her card was there, and sat right next to her, so you can imagine how happy Annabel was. I actually brought my camera to lunch, but failed to remember to take pictures with Annabel's family. But tonight I remembered to take pictures even though they aren't all very clear.

                    Annabel the Artist     

Annabel got to meet Jay Bruce, who plays for the Cincinnati Reds 

Annabel enjoying Ms. Ann's company at dinner

Annabel's Christmas Card for 2011 (the letters PEACE are her little finger prints)

Annabel being honored as an artist being presented with a framed copy. A very proud mommy!

Annabel getting a HI and some sweet attention from one of her pediatricians Dr. H!


Anonymous said...

What a special event!! Annabel looked gorgeous, as usual. There are no shortages of smocked dresses in her closet!

It must be so nice to have Tara home too. Hope school is going well for her.


The VW's said...

What a little artist she is! That card is beautiful! What a great idea! Love seeing Annabel smiling and doing well! Hugs!

Kathy said...

A busy, joyful day! This girl is so loved and celebrated!

Love the card Annabel! You are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the card, can not wait to get mine. Hope all is well and that we get to spend time together soon. I miss you so much, and so does Ben.


TherExtras said...

Sorry it has been so long since I visited, Cathy. I am very happy to see recent photos of Annabel and some of her family.

Congratulations to your little artist!