Monday, May 30, 2011

Shhhh....don't tell

That Annabel went swimming today!!! We kind of, she actually got in the pool with the family on this wonderful Memorial Day. A big thank you to Rebekah who did her magic bandaging up her central line site. She was off her TPN for 6 hours so no better time than to give her a little dip. You can see her chest is well out of the water but oh how I wish we could have put her all the way in. It has been so long for Annabel to come into the pool. Wishing all had a wonderful Memorial Day and to all that have fought and continue to give us our freedom!


Janet said...

Love her swimsuit! What a sweet smile!
Been thinking of y'all, as always, but today especially of Tyler and so thankful for his service. One of my favorite post ever is the one where he came home and surprised you! The look on your face in the picture shows perfectly a mothers relief when her soldier comes home safely. Absolutely priceless.

May said...

OMG! You guys really tried so hard for her to be happy. She has that same look as Vera when she hasn't been in the pool for a long kinda hesitant. Glad to see her smiling in one photo though! Am so glad to see this full of sunshine post after being offline for quite a bit!

Anonymous said...

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