Monday, February 21, 2011

PICC line tomorrow...

We didn't make the cut for today to have her PICC line put in, so we are definitely on the schedule for tomorrow. We opted for the PICC line due to she would only need conscious sedation and not have to undergo general anesthesia again so soon. The other possible good news is that she may not be going home on TPN at all. This is an answered prayer! She is basically tolerating the feeds as well as can be expected. She has some discomfort, but she was uncomfortable on the TPN for other reasons. They risk for Annabel are so high to have another central line. Yes, the PICC is a risk also but we are hoping that putting this in will let us go home and finish the two antibiotics she is on, give us time to make sure her feeding will work without having to get back on TPN.
With all this said, we want to thank everyone for all their prayers and offering to do things for us. Annabel and my family have some faithful prayer warriors working overtime for sweet Annabel. Also, praises and thanksgiving for Annabel coming through this blood infection once again. The doctor is quick to remind us that she may not be so lucky the next time. We know that their is only one person who know that, He is the Almighty Physician!
I will close with some pictures from today. One of them where she is wearing her beaded necklaces that her sisters each made, she is tired. She is still weak from the infection and last time it took several weeks for her to fully recover.
The other pictures with the little stuffed dog and the ball are amazing to us. Annabel hasn't really ever wanted to play or hold much of anything in her hand except for her pacifier. But lately she reaches (even with both hands), holds, tugs at things. I have enjoyed just sitting here the last couple days with such enjoyment that she can play and entertain herself with her toys.


Anonymous said...

So the answer to my prayers, thanks for sharing. As always this post makes my day.

Kathy said...

Great pictures! Princess Annabel is an amazing little warrior!! She never ceases to amaze!!!

Praying all goes well and that Team Annabel is home in their own beds tomorrow night!!!

Love you girls!!!

The Hull Munchkins said...

Annabel is such a fighter! And so precious. I've followed your blog on and off and was sad to see that she is sick again and in the hospital. Praise the Lord she came through this yeast infection.

I love her beautiful room! What a great job your friend did. The colors are so cheerful.

Hang in there.