Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls and their beads....

Carly and Colette (my twin princesses) right about the sign

On Saturday, the twins were in a parade for the upcoming festival. They threw beads and candy. Annabel loved the bands and all the noise. We found her a shady spot in front of an old furniture story with not much traffic on the sidewalks. So I will share the twins on the float and then Annabel being the recipent of her beads.

Saturday and Sunday were fairly rough for her. She couldn't keep anything in her tummy which is hard with a UTI. So this time it is E-Coli and I can't tell you how sick I am of these infections. This is the fourth since her surgery in January. The great thing about the surgery is the curvature in her spine is better. Also that she can urinate on her own. The only problem is she leaves some residuals. Obviously the lack of pressure with the flow seems to be a problem. Sometimes I wonder do these ever really go away. She was better today and for this I am thankful. She is resting so good tonight.


Janet said...

Look at Cool Annabel with those glasses on, and all her beads!!
You can just look at her and tell she is having a blast!
Your twins look like they are having a pretty good time themselves!!!

So sorry about the infections. I am just gonna pray that God gives her some extra pressure to move all that bad stuff OUT!
Lots of love,

Hilary said...

Love the pictures!!! Praying the infections go away...too cute with all her beads!! :)

Jennifer said...

Have you ever heard of Mannose Powder? Look it up. It is a natural way to help E.Coli UTI's.

TheRextras said...

I'm sympathetic to the ongoing infections. I can't help but say how wonderful she looks in those photos. Barbara

Jennifer said...

Because regular physicians aren't really familiar with alternative medicines.


I put the desired amount in a little bit of water and then drink the water. It can be also put in unsweetened juice. It won't hurt YOU so if you wanted to, you could even try it so you would know what it tastes like. I'm not sure if a regular vitamin store would have it or not, but the link above looks like a good D-Mannose Powder. It's not exactly what I use, but it seems to be a bigger bottle.

Also, make sure that you keep the lid on tight and don't get any water in the bottle or it will ruin the powder. :)

kim said...

oh my she is so precious!! I love the pictures. I am praying for your son and will be praying that these infections Annabel is having will stop!! Thinking of you every day.
With love,

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Look at those beautiful girls! :) I love seeing Annabel so happy with all her beads and shades and everything. Pretty girl for sure!

I'm sorry to hear she has another UTI. I can't believe how long you have been dealing with. I have to comment on what you said about her pressure. They told me that Peanut needed the Mitrofanoff (verses the normal vesicostomy) because she doesn't have high pressures. That if you have high pressures, you need a vesicostomy and with no low pressures, the Mitrofanoff is better. I sure hope they can come up with a solution soon for little Annabel!!