Sunday, November 22, 2009

"The Blind Side"...

Let me start by saying I am not a big movie goer. As a matter of fact, maybe only twice a year. Today my twins ask me to go see The Blind Side. After whining and thinking I was way too tired, I decided to go. This may have been the best movie I have ever seen. It wasn't violent, wasn't nasty, yes, emotional and also funny. I never once thought when will this be over or that I was tired of sitting. Nope, not even ever thought of going to the snack bar. I was totally into it the entire time.

Nope this is not a movie review. Something hit me early on in the movie that parallels our life with Annabel. It is not the events in the story or even the outcome. It is the emotion and the things that have changed in our life since bringing her home. I have to say for anyone who knew me prior to Annabel my life was fairly comfy. I had the family I always prayed for. When we did bring Annabel home it was not because I longed for another child in anyway. Nope, at my age I was so done. As a matter of fact, my twins will be graduating this year and then we could really be relaxing. God I truly believe thought differently. Just as in the movie, Big Mike came into his new families life, so did sweet Annabel. When I brought her home it was too be very short. This is what got me through the early days, that I wouldn't be doing this forever or even that long, no never 4 1/2 years. What kept running through my mind during the movie was like how Big Mike changed his family, Annabel has changed us all. Each and everyone in my family has been touched and forever changed by Annabel. Is she so called "normal" like the rest of us(ha), is she like the same color as us, did she take away that comfy, no trouble life I had as before??? All I can say like Big Mike in the movie is that she could not be a more perfect fit. Her "normal" is so perfect to all of us, her color is the most beautiful color we have ever seen, and even through our tough times with her health issues she has taught us so much and I know will continue to teach us.

If anyone has the chance, please go see this movie. No it is not violent, no sexual overtones, no vulgarity but just such a feel good movie. Again, I am reminded of how many who read this blog how Annabel has touched your lives also and through her life you have touched ours. Thank you.


May said...

Your unconditional love for Annabel has always been an inspiration for me. How many people would willingly take on a challenge like this given a choice?

There is a parent here in Singapore hoping to put up her special child for adoption, but no takers.

Will catch the movie when it comes over.

Penny said...

Hey Cathy

It has been so long! I got myself unattached from the computer for a while, I just needed a break and to get myself back in line. This life doesn't always make following God's purpose easy!
I am back and better, I see hope again and needed to stop and catch up on sweet Annabel. I saw that Annabel's nanny is inducing lactation. I did this when our surrogate Elizabeth was pregnant with our Miracle girl. If you need any ideas or adivise PLEASE just ask. It is such a valuable thing and very selfless of her to do.

My tricks.......
hospital grade pump (much better than the Medela I had. I got a symphony from the hospital)
Dom Peridone (doubled my supply)
Lots of pumping round the clock
A pumping bra so I could be hands free to read, or do other tasks. One time I pumped while I drove ... ha ha don't tell anyone!!

Anyway, if you need any info I would be happy to share. In 2 months of pumping I had over 200 oz in the freezer

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,

Well said, very nicely. It is what I see where ever these special children go. I know one family with a child with tri 13. Initially, they did not think they would do surgery in the future. They thought "what is the point?" But as their daughter reached the point of no-return for the heart surgery, they reflected on what she meant to them and what she had taught them. It was a beautiful and honest reflection.

They had the surgery. The clip at the end of my Annie's video is the little girl, two weeks post cardiac surgery at Boston Children's. She and her family are playing in the fall leaves and all you can hear is laughter.

Sometimes too much comfort is not a good thing, is it?


Annie's mom

Hilary said...

Can't wait to see the movie! Annabel you are a beautiful soul and so is your Momma!! You and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

The VW's said...

You sold me! I'll be watching that movie soon, I hope!

It is truly amazing what a blessing these children are to the families that they join! Life becomes more difficult, but definitely more perfect and full! HUGS!!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

What a great movie review. I will have to see it!

Kathy said...

That's the best movie review I have ever read!

Cathy, you are such an incredible and special woman and mother. Your children are so very blessed.

The pictures of your precious princess show how far she has come. Your words show how far you and your family have have.

May you be blessed beyond measure this Thanksgiving season. Thank you for sharing your precious miracle with us and allowing us to be part of your "family". We love you all and that includes Kortni, the newest member!

Holly McCormick said...


I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to know you and Annabel! Hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cathy, that was beautiful and YOU are beautiful! I knew Annabel was a special gift from God the moment I saw her! I am so thankful she has you to take such good care of her and allow God to work his magic thru the two of you! Dr B