Monday, June 15, 2009

We are feeling pretty normal around here...

Annabel seems to be doing so well. I don't want to take any of this wellness for granted at all! We went from about 10-12 meds down to maybe 3. We did have to use a little miralax but hey, that was only a little. Normally, it was a huge dose each day. Her weight is still really low and need to bring that up. She has lost what little muscle we had but I know when she resumes therapy she will pack it on (haha). I guess we are slow with pictures because some days we don't even get dressed. Well, she doesn't always get dressed but most days I do. Here are just a couple of pictures of her playing in her pool(no water) with the balls. She sits for a little bit and then gets tired and she falls back.

For all of you that know Mallorie Rose (on the sidebar), her sweet mom is Connie. So yes, Connie will probably not speak to me after this but today is her birthday. She did this to me, so payback time. On a more serious note, Connie was in the hospital a couple weeks ago (no, I didn't blog for her, she is private and I do respect some things) and there is something they found questionable on the CT scan. She is having more test tomorrow and I know she would appreciate prayers sent up on her behalf. When you are a mommy and have young ones your mind just goes there, can't help it! Once the results are in, I will blog if she doesn't.


Kathy said...

Beautiful pictures of our little princess! Precious! Good to see her having fun!!!

Who cares if anyone gets dressed?!? Not us!

Great to hear how incredibly well she is doing! Praying for all good things to continue - more than we could ask or imagine! God is so good!

Love you girls!!!

The VW's said...

Annabel looks so happy! Going down from 12 meds to 3 is AWESOME! YAY! So happy to hear that she is doing so well! Thanks for the info on Connie! :)

Anonymous said...

Lisa :)

John and Jenna Gensic said...

Beautiful pictures! She looks so good! Congratulations on weaning the meds.


Tamara said...


Kelly said...

i never thought i would say this to anyone but, i'm so glad you are bored!
i love the pics of annabel playing in the balls! kaiya has a ball pit as well and likes to roll around in it ;)
i am so excited that we only have a little over a month and then we get to see you!!!!yay!

Kathy said...

Hi girls! Praying for a wonderful, fun and relaxing weekend for you!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY MEL!!! Hope your day is everything you so deserve to be dad to such a beautiful, amazing family!
Hope all of Team Annabel is there with you.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers!