Tuesday, May 5, 2009

National Nurses Week...

My favorite school nurse!

Annabel's school is celebrating nurses day tomorrow. Her nurse faithfully goes into her classroom and caths Annabel. As you can tell Annabel like her school nurse. I am so blessed with a great school and a wonderful staff that watches out for Annabel. I do believe the highlight of Annabels week is going to school. She enjoys all the stimulation and activity that surrounds her. I am already beginning to worry about summer and how I will keep up. The first picture is of her school nurse.
The following pictures are just of her week. She has some good days where she is very energetic and some days where she seems exhausted. But hey, don't we all. I will be making a post soon about her upcoming surgery. Unfortunatly, the bowel resection cannot be avoided.
Waiting to go to school.

Ms. Shan playing with me.

Annabel visiting with Dr. T; her neonatal doctor.

Audrey giving Annabel good morning hugs.

Cupcakes anyone?

Want to play pat-a-cake...

My big sissy Carly.

My big sissy Colette... doesn't she look like Carly :)


May said...

Having a nurse for a mom and I can tell you how great nurses are! Efficient and totally into caring to perfection! Hats off to nurses everywhere!

I just love Annabel's smile and how she responds to people. And cathy, you sure know how to dress her up! What a lucky girl...nice dresses everytime.

Yes would love to hear more about her bowel surgery.

Lauren Ford said...

so glad to see smiles around the house! yay~ love the new Annabel hair style! but nothing beats her little white lace headband! she's getting to be a big girl~ tear.... thanks for the school update and the pics~

my3sons said...

Annabelle is just beautiful! I'm so thrilled to see looking and feeling so good!

Anonymous said...

I love the long hair. So glad to see her happy again.

ecrunner said...

What a beautiful little girl! And what better week than this to give appreciation for those that touch our lives. Thanks to all nurses for the dedication put into nursing. All our thanks would only be a small tribute to nurses that deserve so much more.