Sunday, May 31, 2009

Annabel's new hospital gowns...

Well I think we all know that Annabel has many angels watching over her. Tonight a very sweet friend, Lisa called and said she had a surprise for Annabel. When we arrived she presented Annabel with six, yes six new hospital gowns. During Annabel's last hospital stay at our local hospital, I made the comment on the blog about how her yellow hospital gown made her look washed out. Lisa is always wanting to help us in anyway she can and jumped on this comment I made and came up with these precious, colorful gowns. She found a seamstress, picked up the fabric, requested the hospital gown to copy it (ties and snaps included for IV purposes), and even bought her matching bows for each one. I guess if we have to be in the hospital, we will sure be the cutest, most colorful patient in the house, right? I don't know the seamstress name so I can thank her and out of respect for Lisa' privacy I won't mention her last name. But a huge Thank You for this sweet gift for Annabel and myself. Can you see me each day giving her bath and then deciding on what precious gown we will be wearing?

Also, in one of the pictures Annabel is sitting on a beautiful blanket that Rainy (a friend and owner of our local knitting shop) made for Annabel. It is super soft and cozy for Annabel to have with her at the hospital. Again while I was at the knit shop knitting with friends I made the comment about how I love to make Annabel's hospital bed colorful and more like home. Rainy took off with this comment also. I have to watch what is coming out of my mouth. But a huge "thank you to Rainy for the time she took and the thoughtfulness that went into making this beautiful blankie.

I do know that Annabel touches many peoples lives and for this I am grateful. Also for all the friendships Annabel has brought into my life. There has been some names that I have not seen before, or that they have commented they have read the blog but not commented. They have said some very sweet things and I just wanted to make sure that they know how much their prayers and support are appreciated. We all continue to know that Annabel is still with us today because of God's mercy and love. I can tell you that I have done nothing to deserve this but she does make me want to be a better person and do better things each day. Do I fall short or right on my face, almost daily. It is also due to all of the prayers that are offered up on her behalf. I continue to say this because I don't want anyone to think that I take it for granted for one second. Annabel may not have a voice but I know if she could talk she would shout a huge "Thank You!" For now we will just look at her smile and let it speak a million words of Thanks to everyone.

Just wanted to add some pics of this weekend. Sunday evening we went out to watch my oldest son Derek play baseball. It is a men's league 25 and older hardball league. We enjoyed watching him play when he was younger and now get to watch him again. The biggest differenc is that all the parents are not yelling at the coach like when they were younger. So it is a relaxing way to spend a Sunday evening. He loves sports and it keeps him strong and healthy.

Tyler also came by and brought Annabel out to sit on his murdercycle, excuse me, I mean to say motorcyle. (Please don't take this personal to all the motorcyle enthusiast out there). Just as his mommy, I worry more about the other person than I do about him. He loves to ride so I will just pray that he be safe. Also, I promise Annabel was not and will not be riding any motorcyle ever! Her hair was not acceptable for photos, so therefore, the doo-rag (sp). Yes I know that it doesn't match, but I don't have doo-rags just sitting around.

Lastly, this weekend Annabel modeled for the organization called ARC. They had a dinner and syle show with all its memeber modeling or waiting on table. It was a very nice night and the food was excellent. She was not feeling so great (tummy) so we had to ask to be first so we could get off the stage and put our jammies on. Of course, the minute she saw her teacher she was all smiles. So guess what, next year her teacher get to walk her out unless Annabel decides to walk before then. The outfit in the picture was the one she modeled from Dillards. This is Mrs. Ann, her teacher in the first picture. The second is of myself and Annabel. She didn't smile the whole time unless she saw Ms. Ann.


Lauren Danielle said...

luv the pics with the doo-rag~ so funny~ i think we should make her pink ones. it is a good look for her~ so glad to see you guys doing well. i wait each week for your blog to get to see you both smiling and enjoying your time together~ michael and i will be praying for you both this very busy weekend. luv you both!

Michelle said...

Cathy, she is so precious! I love seeing new pictures. The gowns are so perfect. I am praying for you all this week!

Brenda said...

What a wonderful update. LOVE the hospital gowns. The seamstress should go into business and offer them for sale. I am sure she would get a huge response. Thanks for sharing other members of the family, it is great to see them.


The VW's said...

GREAT pictures!!! How sweet of your friends to make her those gowns and blanket! They are PRECIOUS!!! She is going to be so stylin in the hospital!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I love the gowns! leave it to Annabel to look absolutely adorable even in hospital gowns!

Laurie in Ca. said...

Annabel's doo rag definitely makes her a "biker chick". Love the gowns that were specially made with love for her too. I will be praying for the upcoming surgeries to go perfect and for her to heal quickly. Love this girls smile and love you too.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

connie said...

I love the hospital gowns!!! And the beautiful girl modeling them. I always say that Annabel is the most photogenic little girl I know! Of course, look at the photogenic family she comes from!

Oh, nice haircut, too, Cathy ... I guess I didn't mess it up with my call!

Kathy said...

Hi Cathy!

What a wonderful and fun post!

First, a heart felt thanks to Lisa for the beautiful gowns! I agree with Brenda that Lisa and the seamstress should go into business! Cute gowns for girls and boys could really catch on! The hair bows are the perfect Annabel touch!

I know that her new super soft blanket will keep her warm and cozy while she recovers quickly. How sweet of Rainy to make it for Annabel!

Please know, Cathy, that we all love your amazing daughter (and you!) and we all find it a great and wonderful privilege to pray for Annabel and you. We are so grateful that your friends bless you and Annabel in such tangible ways.

Your boys are so handsome and I laughed at your comment about how the parents at Derek's game don't complain about the umps. Maybe parents grow up right along with their children.

Your little motorcycle mini-chick is too cute! The way that Tyler looks at his little sister melts me. Precious! His love and adoration are beautiful to see.

Annabel is a beautiful model and obviously loves Miss Ann! Sorry her tummy was hurting her yet she smiles! Amazing!

You mentioned that Annabel doesn't have a voice but that isn't true. Cathy YOU are her voice! You are her precious Mommy, her biggest advocate and her voice.

I am so glad that someone took your picture with Annabel as you are generally the photographer. Great to see you!!!

Praying for wellness, peace and rest for both of you as you await the surgery.

Anonymous said...

I love the new gowns. Talk about making a statement. She'll be the best dress kid in the hosp. I also love the doo-rag. She one hot bab.
Love Susan

Hilary said...

Annabel is so blessed to have people in her life that are talented who can make her beautiful things like the gowns and the blankies! How great!! :) Love all the pictures too..she looked too cute on the motorcycle a Mommy and just a human I hate them too they just make me so nervous too :( Hope her tummy gets better too. have a super week :)

Anonymous said...

Annabel is such a cutie no matter what she wears. I just love the pictures of the other kids with her. There is so much going on much unconditional love and acceptance. Your kids will make the greatest adults and parents one day.

I heard someone say once that it was so sad that there weren't many children with Down syndrome anymore because the siblings of these children provided us with some of the best and most compassionate therapists, docs and nurses.

Your handsome son reminded me of this video of a little guy with trisomy 13.

It is a beautiful video but I warn that it will require a big box of tissues.

Annie's mom
"Justice for Annie" facebook group

Mrs Redboots (Annabel Smyth) said...

Lovely pictures! Thinking of you all.

May said...

What a fashionista she is! She will most definitely be the best dressed in the hospital! what a great boost for the upcoming surgery. love the biker chick!

laus said...

Cathy, She is too cute! I love the pictures of her smiling and laughing, she knows how to have a good time :)

I'll be thinking of you and praying for you this week!!

Kelly said...

she is so darn cute! i love the hospital gowns. very clever. and she looks so happy sitting on the motorcycle - i'm sure she would love a ride ;) can't wait to see you guys!

Tamara said...

oh ya just wanna squeeze her! I miss her so and you too!