Saturday, March 14, 2009

Updates on Vera and Tara...

Tara is feeling better as of today. She still remains in the hospital with no results as of this morning. In the hospital weekends are slow concerning any new information. She was allowed to begin eating things besides clear liquids as of yesterday evening. She has been able to keep that down which is a step in the right direction. She should be allowed to go home today or tomorrow if things stay down. She has not had any nausea or pain meds since yesterday early in the day. They do know it is some sort of colitis. It can range from a reaction to antibiotics she received two weeks ago, salmonella, some other type infection all the way to Crohns disease. She has had these episodes before so it is probably some type of ongoing thing she will need to keep under control maybe with meds. So they are saying probably no results on testing until Monday or Tuesday from the biopsies that were taken.
P.S. Just received the call from Tara that she is NOT going home today. That doesn't mean anything bad, just that it is the weekend and probably because her doctor is not on call. We are still hoping maybe tomorrow!

Vera is doing better. They were able to extubate her and she was able to go from the CICU area to a lower level type of care. She has been uncomfortable but they were able to vent her tummy through her new button and she become so much more comfortable. Also if you see her arms tied down this is because she also had a surgery one her lip(mouth) and they don't want her to touch this area. We also will continue to pray for her to get better quickly and return home. She has two wonderful parents who love her so much and take such good care of her. Praying that they get the rest they much need. To anyone who wants to reach more on Vera journey, she is listed on Annabel's sidebar under Baby Vera.

So to everyone who has checked in on the two and made phone calls thank you so much!


Mrs Redboots (Annabel Smyth) said...

Thanks for the update. So glad to know everybody is on the mend! Let's hope they all stay that way, and that their recovery is without incident.

Anonymous said...

It is all wonderful news. Thanks for the update Cathy.


Laurie in Ca. said...

Continued prayers from me for both of these sweet girls Cathy. Praying they both continue to recover better and better each day. Praying for you too.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Kathy said...

Thanks for the update, Cathy. Both precious girls doing better is great news!

I know that no one likes being in the hospital but keeping Tara there until you get some answers is wise. You are right, not much gets done on the weekends.

Great to hear that Vera is in a step-down unit. Another little amazing fighter! God bless her!

Prayers continue from Michigan.