Thursday, February 19, 2009

Three bundles of hope...

She had a good night so of course mommy feels good today. I am hoping that her steriods have leveled off in her systems. Her breathing is not the best but we are doubling on her treatments. We are hoping that she will begin to desire her solids today. She is not really in the mood to smile for pictures but I am sure that will also return very soon. Also very thankful that today her tummy seems to be more comfortable.

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of Brianna, Racahel and Annabel from our weekend in Houston. Just to catch those up who didn't know, Brianna's parents Brenda and Jerry were coming to Texas for business. Brenda and I had some correspondence on occasion about our girls. So I was so surprise when she emailed me and ask that we get together. It was also set up and we decided Houston was a great place. Prior to all this, Texas Children's Hospital had given my name to Racahel's mom, Sarah and she called me to ask questions and discuss some issues concerning our girls. So I made a contact with her and she was so excited to meet up with us. It was a wonderful evening just playing with our girls in the hotel until late into the night. Brianna's dad, Jerry took care of ordering us a wonderful dinner and having it delivered to the hotel so we could just continue to enjoy each others company. Sarah could not meet up the next day due to her job, but Annabel and Brianna were able to spend more time together and it was so hard to let them go! In July is the SOFT conference (Trisomy) in Virginia and Brianna's family will be attending, YIPPEE!!! Now, I would love for Racahel's family to be able to attend also and Sarah I do plan to contact you very soon to see if that is a possibility.

And for you May, Vera's mom, I would love it if your family could come. Ok, for any of you that don't know Vera's family lives in Singapore so I do think they would have a good excuse not to get there. I don't push very many things but this is one that I am passionate about. I have gathered so much information there, not only from the professionals but so much from the other parents. It is truly like a huge family. One of the very informative things is that we can choose three clinics(specialist) who we can visit with and they can give their suggestions. Then there is also the workshops that we attend for two day (our babies are very welcome to attend with us and no one cares if there is crying, grinding of teeth or whatever noises they can make). For those that need a break there is also a daycare set up at the hotel with nurses who are very skilled in caring for our babies. The lobby of the hotel that we stay at are transformed with all of these beautiful little ones and their families.

Brianna 21mths, Racahel 9mths, and Annabel 3 1/2yrs.

Brianna and Racahel

Annabel and her Baby Be Blessed doll from Brianna

Brianna and Annabel

Brenda holding Annabel, and me holding Brianna

Sweet, sweet little Angels....

For all that know Annabel, she loves to remove your glasses!

Annabel and Brianna with their BabyBeBlessed dolls.


Chelsea Pang said...

Oh, my heart is pulled. To think of Grace living like your daughter has, since we knew so early on that she most likely wouldn't, is a totally different mindset. We really felt, based on medical information and just my gut feeling, that she would live in Heaven. But to see that someone 'like' her has lived, it is like this connection for me from the spiritual and earthly worlds. Your blog is beautiful, I love the top picture, how thought provoking. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope to keep up with you and your babe!

Laurie in Ca. said...


It is so good to hear that Annabel is doing better and I am with you, her sweet smiles will return soon too. I love these pictures of these three precious little girlies. I am praying for all of them and that somehow, someway, Rachel and Vera could join you in July. How special would that be for all of you? I will be praying Annabels appetite for solids returns too. I love these girls. I love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Kelly said...

i absolutely love the pic of the two girls with their angel wing shirts. too precious for words! i can't wait to see everyone at conference this summer. i love that you are recruiting everyone to go! kaiya and i are driving there...yikes! can you imagine 11 hours in a car with my loud monster?!?! only 5 more months. yay!

May said...

oh cathy, these are such lovely pictures! the connection between the girls come out so clear and true. seeing annabel curled up just makes me wanna go hug her. about the conference, my only worry is the 24 hour plane ride for Vera. have you taken Annabel on a plane before? worried about the effect of turbulence and air pressure on babies. Was on a plane where one cried non stop on my way back from US to Singapore!

May said...

I did. One trip was to the west, california LA, colorado side, one to the east, Washington down to Florida, One trip to W. Virginia where my brother studied (is that where the conference is?) Love the national parks in US - Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, truly the land of the beautiful.

The Snell Family said...

Hi there Cathy, good to hear from you. Arianna has a KidsRock chair. go to to see the chair and all that it does. We will not be going to conference this year, we just can't travel that far by car with Arianna, and well money is tight.
Lots of love

Laurie in Ca. said...

Hi Cathy,

I just read that Annabel is not feeling well and want you to know I am praying for her this morning and for you too my friend. Praying all is well and for much needed rest for you. I love you girls.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Hilary said...

LOVE all the pictures!!! Annabel I hate to hear that you are sick sweet girlie..GET BETTER!!! praying for you sweetie :)